Friday, April 27

My current love...Isabel Marant Sneakers

The first time i saw these sneakers was in beyonce's 'Love On Top' Video. I fell in love immediately! Its already an established fact that i am not a fan of high heels. These shoes are not cheap and i'm really trying to get my brother to get me a (dream on girl) well at least an imitation na abi?? They are very feminine and soooo cute! i love them! Beyonce and Alicia keys have rocked them a couple of times...i wanna rock them too :( come n buy for me pls

Love On Top video

*sigh* I want!


Wednesday, April 11

it hasn't even been so long. mchewww

*singing* been long you saw mee!! lol. it hasn't even been that long. Me that i thought i hadnt blogged in like a month, ashe i even blogged towards the end of March.

Anyhoo how u guys doing now? shey u're good? ok cool.

I had an amazing Easter weekend break. Me and some friends organized a bridal shower for my best friend who is getting married on the 15th and 19th of April. I am the maid of honor *dancing* its gonna be my first time and prolly my last cos i don't know anyone who will be mad enuff to use me again lol.

twas very fun!! as in liveeeee. shout-out to my friend zope for allowing me use his wonderful crib!

Then Monday 9th was my mom's birthday party! fuuunnn again. Imagine i didn''t take any personal fotos :( but once the fotographer (one weird looking man) prints out the pics, i shall put them up here. Shout-out to my friends that showed up for that too!!

Ok i'm done for today. Deuces!