Wednesday, September 28

who wants to drink a taallll glass of chocolate milk?

hehe *aaaahhh* :)


Tuesday, September 27

i love when couples have genuine fun #random

Some couples don't have fun, as in the pics u see of them are always so plastic so u wonder if they ever even joke.

This is Keyshia Cole and her hubby Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson. Its just a fun pic and i love it. See:

I love!


Monday, September 26

Booties! i love these shoes.

Check it out:

My bday is coming up soon so hint hint :-)


Ok Nicki, pls STOP IT!!!

I love Nicki Minaj so much! infact i have had different bbm names which were stolen from her plenty names 'Roman Zolanski', 'Roman', ok its the same thing. Anyways i love her alot.

Initially i was a complete fan of the total 'Nicki Minaj' package, but now its just her music. She is freaking talented and her rapping skills and lyrics just get me all the time. Infact i sang/rapped 'Super Bass' last night during karaoke, and before leaving the bar, i got called 'nicki minaj' by a few fans *blushing*

Anyhoo, this is where i am taking my gist. The girl dresses like a FOOOOL! haba c'mon! there are many fashion statements one can make but nicki is takin it far jo. The other day she had a pretzel pendant and i was like wetin be dis, but the latest is now a 'chicken wing' pendant. like really are u kidding me? she has dressed in a lot of foolish ways in the past, but this chicken wing pendant really got me. lol. See for urself:

Oya nicki we have heard ooo! u are the black lady gaga or wateva it is u are aiming for. Keep dropping dem hits tho ;-)

Roman! *u see Roman* lol

Michelle Obama is such a hottie!

Gosh dis dress is soooooo beautiful!! Michelle's dress sense is so on point! as in she's always looking so modern and young and chic! unlike other president's wives who always bliv they must look old and out-dated.

Check this out:

Simply gorgeous!!!


Friday, September 23

i love this get up! Riri

I love this rhianna's get up too much. once again i am in love with her life and i want it.

bye  bye

ok so i tried this hair-bow fashion thing babes are doing now. :D

I think i pulled it off......abi? : D

I'll buy somn with colors next time. This was just a belt thing from one of my

Have a nice weekend! (no one kuku comes here anymore so i'm talkin to myself)


Jesse Eisenberg / Mark Zuckerberg - The Social Network

Ok so i know the owner of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, but i am deeply in love with the guy that played his role in the movie 'The Social Network' Jesse Eisenberg. I know its just a movie and he was acting as per the script but damnnnn! The guy's brain was such a turn on in that movie! As in seriously! He was too intelligent, intellectual, nerdy-sexy! as in he was an inspiration to me to make money. They guy played the role so freaking well. That's all i have to say.

*sigh*** Roman!

loll. funny stuvz

i love these rompers/jumpsuits!

i don't know her o. saw the pic online n i love her combo!

Random Beyonce preg pics.


Wednesday, September 7


Frank Ocean is a new artist. Maybe not really new cos most of these artists are usually underground before they blow, but yeah Frank's blowing time has come!

The first song i heard from him was Novacane (recommended by my friend Jabz), and since then i have downloaded his mixtape Nostalgia. Awesome mixtape. He reminds me of John Legend. Nothing soulful about his music o and i doubt he plays the piano, but i think its his lyrical swag and content that reminds me of John Legend.

Here are the lyrics to his 'Novacane' track:

I think I started something,
I got what I wanted
did didn't I can't feel nothing
Superhuman, even when i'm fucking
Viagra popping, every single record
Auto-tuning, zero emotion, muted emotion
Pitch corrected
Computed emotion uh huh

I blame it on a model broad with the hollywood smile
Oww, stripper booty and rack like wow
Brain like berkeley
Met her at Coachella, I went to see Jigga
She went to see z-trip
Perfect, I took a seat on the ice cold lawn
She handed me a ice blue bong, whatever

She said she wanna be dentist really badly
She's in school paying, for tuition doing porn in the valley
At least she working

But girl i can't feel my face
What are we smoking anyway
She said don't let the high go to waste
But can you taste, a little taste of..

Baby, Baby
Novacaine baby i want you,
Fuck me good, Fuck me long, Fuck me numb
Love me now when i'm gone love me none
Love me none, love me none
Numb numb numb numb

Sink full a dishes
Pacing in the kitchen
Cocaine for breakfast, Yikes
Bed full of women
Flip on a tripod
little red light on shooting, I'm feeling like
Stanley Kubrick
This is some visionary shit
Been tryna film pleasure with my eyes wide shut
But it keeps on moving...

I blame it on a model broad with the hollywood smile
Stripper booty with the rack like wow
I'll never forget ya
You put me on a feel that i never had, never had, never had
and ever since I've been tryna get it back, and pick it up, and put it back

Now i'm something like the chemist on campus
But there's no drug around
Quite like what i found in you you

I still can't feel my face (oh-oh)
What am i smoking anyway (ah-ah)
She said don't let the high go to waste
But can you taste, a little taste of...

Novacaine , baby baby
Novacaine baby i want you
Fuck me good
Fuck me long
Fuck me numb
Love me now when i'm gone love me none
Love me none love me none
numb numb numb numb

Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine ...
Numb the pain, numb the pain
Numb the pain, numb the pain, numb the pain...
Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine, Novacaine...
For the pain, for the pain...
Novacaine, novacaine


Pretty girls involved with me
Making pretty love to me, pretty
Pity, pity
All the pretty girls involved with me
Making pretty love to me, pretty
Pity, pity

Ooh ooh, I can't feel a thing
I can't feel, can't feel a thing

Can't feel a thing
Can't feel feel feel feel her
I Can't feel feel her
Novacaine Novacaine Novacaine
I can't feel feel her
Novacaine, for the pain, for the pain

I can't feel feel her (feel her, feel her)
Ooh, Novacaine Novacaine (caine, caine...)

Crazy right? tot so too. lol. He's moving up the ladder sha. Like infact he's not moving up slowly. he took a damn leap cos his first main collaboration was with Jay Z and Kanye West on Watch the Throne can u imagine that. On two songs - "No Church In The Wild" and "Made In America (Sweet Baby Jesus)"

I know he's just starting sha and i just can't wait for more!!