Tuesday, July 17

Travel comfortably with: Priority Logistics Ltd

Hi guys I want to introduce a travel agency to you. I use them whenever I travel and they are yet to disappoint me. You really need to use them and see what I'm talking about. They are located in Lagos, but they can serve you wherever you reside. It doesn't really matter, when you have mobile phones and the Internet these days.

Priority Logistics Limited (PLL)provides services, leisure and luxury for discerning travelers, also provides aviation training for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the aviation industry; either in Travel agencies, Airlines, Tour organizations, Protocol offices in corporate organizations. An observation well-known in the travel and hospitality industry is that achieving reputation for excellence relies on word of mouth. We want the PLL brand to be synonymous with service and luxury. When the conversation turns to travel, we want our clients to say, “I travel with PLL”.

Our Services:
-Airline Ticketing & Reservation
-Hotel Reservation
-Travel Insurance
-Travel Advice/Consultancy
-Staff Official Travels
-International Business Tours
-Visa Documents Advice
-Car Hire Services

Contact phone numbers: 07089907172, 08034688391
Email address : priority.logistics@yahoo.com


Thursday, July 5

Lack of gist = More Auto Correct fuck ups....yayyyy!

Hellooooo my niggassss! No matter what i will post something every month! i no wan know (even tho i didnt post shit in May)

Here are some more funny mistakes that i products (iphone, ipad) force on you:

With love, Tunmama (corny shit) lol :*