Tuesday, April 26

ok wait before i sleep....songs i'm currently loving

Here is a list of the songs i'm currently loving and cant stop playing-

All of the Lights Remix- Kanye feat Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake
Look At Me Now- Chris Brown feat Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne
Can A Drummer Get Some- Travis Barker, Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, The Game & Rick Ross
Superstar - Ice Prince
Today Was A Fairytale- Taylor Swift (Valentines Day Soundtrack)
Muny- Nicki Minaj
Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
Ain't My Type Of Hype - Full Force (House Party Soundtrack)
I Done Did It - Eva
KabaKaba- Dagrin, Konga & co
Bonita Applebum - A Tribe Called Quest
Wreckless Love- Alicia Keys
Kush- Dr Dre feat Snoop & Akon
G.O.A.T - Eminem
Moment4 Life - Nicki Minaj feat Drake
Most Kingz - Jay Z feat Chris Martin
Killer Queen- Muna
A Star Is Born - Jay Z feat J Cole
Quiet Storm - Mobb Deep feat Lil Kim
Whats My Name- Rihanna feat Drake
So Appalled - Kanye West feat Jay Z (And a bunch of odas)
Everyday (Cooling)- Swizz Beatz feat Eve
Unthinkable- Alicia Keys
What You Want - The Roots
Windeck - Cabo Snoop
Yesterday - Diddy Dirty Money feat Chris Brown

There ya go...now good nyt for real..


midnight blogging and not from my fone....nice...but i'm sleepy

hey guys, been a while.. so i'm blogging at 2:02 AM and not from my fone...first time.lol. I was lucky enuff to get free internet but unfortunately i dont have much to say and i'm also very sleepy.

hope everyone is good? Hope u had a lovely easter? i've been at home since friday and no work again today Tuesday... so awesome. work resumes again tomorrow tho but then there is May 1st (sunday) which is May day and i bliv Monday will be declared a public holiday. Aint that awesome..

i'm going to bed now....kissess


Wednesday, April 13

i'm soooo obsessed about my zodiac sign. here is anoda post about a Sagittarius woman..

The Sublime Sagittarius Woman

November 22 ~ December 21

Scarlett Johansson ~ November 22, 1984

To explain the mind of a Sagittarius woman, you must first hold pen to paper. The details will become complex and defy sensibility. Her lovely smile and luminous skin will easily hypnotize. The dangers will lie in the Sagittarius voice. Although, a high-quality soothing tone, it will still be able to send shivers down your spine. The words that are released from those pouty lips will be unexpected and nervously searching for the perfect response. The Sagittarius woman will say the most shocking and embarrassing things. It may start off innocently enough, her asking "why do you comb your hair over to the side like that", or something simple like "is it difficult to find pants that will fit you comfortably"? She means well, always believe that, it's just that she truly would like to know. But alas, the moment will pass, and her unique charm will ultimately draw you back in to her allure.

Tyra Banks ~ December 4, 1973

Christina Aguilera ~ December 18, 1980

The Sagittarius woman prefers to be on her own, for a time anyway. She's extremely independent and has no qualms about sleeping alone. If you suffer from male chauvinism than the Sagittarius woman may not be the right goddess for you. She will value your concern, but ultimately prefer making her own decisions. It's not that she doesn't respect your masculine mind, it's just that her spirit won't allow itself to be maneuvered so easily. She is self-righteous and seriously opinionated, those weak in integrity need to slip away quietly. These strong traits, in the long-term, will be defended and admires. You may even eventually find them endearing.

Britney Spears ~ December 2, 1981

Potentially promiscuous, the Sagittarius woman is quite comfortable with many adoring suitors. She may shamelessly flirt and impress you with her callous demeanor, but in her heart she will wistfully imagine a forever kind of love. For you see, she's very soft and sensitive on the inside. She shatters easily. It will be a rarity though, to ever be let into her pain. She will steer you clear of ever knowing her sometimes lonely dreams, for anyone realizing this would be an even more painful alternative.
Tunrayo Egbeyemi ~ November 28, 1986
The Sagittarius woman prefers to hang out with the boys. She feels a much deeper camaraderie with the men in her life than with the sometime helpless act some women thoughtlessly display. She feels very capable of equaling if not surpassing most obstacles her male counterpart will attempt to overcome. To walk beside you is her place, and you will see, no place you'd rather have her be.

Katie Holmes ~ December 18, 1978

The Sagittarius woman is a true romantic, trusting and hopeful. She sees the good in all. Her heart fragile. Bad boys will particularly be drawn to this sweet innocent prey. It will take the "heroic" sort of chap to wait gallantly in the shadows, and when the time is right, swoop in and rescue this beautiful maiden from yet another heartbreak. It will well be worth the save, her bright eyes and infectious laughter will reward you forever more.
   Nicki Minaj ~ December 8, 1984 
Most Sagittarius women are entranced by the spotlight. Hollywood and bright lights will seem to beckon. She will flourish around the paparazzi and think she's entered heaven on earth. This won't last long though, for a true Sagittarius woman despises hypocrisy and longs for sentimental sincerity that only a true happy home with you will bring.

Alyssa Milano ~ December 19, 1972

The Sagittarius woman is an angel to behold. She will have imagined the life you share and prayed for her destiny to arrive. Keep her close to your heart, remind her how much you care and always be the one to hold her hand. She will make you glad you did and convince you that wishes really do come true.

We're like soooooooo awesome!!! :-) if u want me to post something awesome about ur sign, speak up!


Tuesday, April 12

Throwback Tunmama

Good morning sugars! Heres a throwback foto of me and one of my fans : -)

I know right, he's clingling on too tight.....*sigh*

Have a nize day babies...mwwah!


Friday, April 8

have a nice weekend and Vote!

Have a nice weekend darlings!! vote ooo please.. and also there are movement restrictions, so know who you are with this evening cos u will be stuck with d person all day tomoro! my boss said dat line...so funny! lol



aaaarrrrghhhh!! my relationship posts are not jus for girls!!!

Pls pls plssssss! I dunno why men always feel so important. Fyi, the post from yesterday and that of 2day relate to men jus as it does to women. I kno a lot of babes who are commitment phobic while I kno a lot of guys who are too cautious to fall in love and den end up gettin their hearts broken so please men don't read those posts and think 'oh there she goes again, estrogen! Lai lai. Girls are equally players like men and girls are also heartbreakers so pls stop letting ur ego n pride get d best of u abeg. U are equally as soft!!!


are u commitment-phobic? is she? is he? am i?

Hello humans.. wazzaaa? after yesterday's blog post some pple started sayin i'm into too much 'love love' tins..hohohoho! who isn't?...mchewww.

Anyways, so this morning it is the phobia of being committed that came to my head. I went online and read this really nice article so i'm gonna share. Are u commitment phobic? do u fear being in a committed relationship dat u are always so un-attached to whoever you are with? well here is a write up on the topic:

Commitment phobia is rooted in fear -- fear of lost options or fear of making poor decisions. Most especially, commitment phobia is the fear and avoidance of having to commit to anything, but especially relationships. And like the proverb, it's a double edged sword: on the one hand you avoid obligations, ties, and commitments yet at the same time the commitment phobic may secretly crave the lives of those who committed and the growth that those roots produced.

Commitment phobics are the women who say, "All men are jerks," or the men who claim, "Women are only out to get my money" - rationalisations to justify avoiding a committed relationship.
Men are generally considered more commitment-phobic than women, but recent research suggests that this might be a case of stereotyping, and that it is not necessarily a gender-specific thing.


However, most commitment phobic men and women truly yearn for a deep and intimate relationship leading toward marriage, but fright causes them to butcher every dating opportunity they may get. Sex outside of marriage, or promiscuous behaviour fosters a false sense of intimacy, which feels really good at the time, but is only a fabrication based on how we think we should feel when we are having sex. It is the substitution of "instant gratification" at the expense of deep, lasting satisfying soul-love.


In romantic relationships, the paradox is that the commitment phobic craves what he/she fears most: love and connection. When we speak of commitment phobia among singles, we are referring to folks who avoid committing to long term relationships such as marriage. Previous abusive relationships, intimacy issues or traumatic childhood experiences could be causes for this kind of commitment avoidance. Another possibility is that the child might have witnessed, or been a victim of, poor role models, or even abusive relationships during those formative years. Not surprisingly, this can (consciously or unconsciously) colour the way they feel and take part in relationships as an adult, too.

Statistics show that we are happier and more well-adjusted when we are in committed relationships. According to psychologists, the commitment phobes behave like this because they suffer from certain beliefs about relationships. 

Rather than being harmful, commitment-phobia may be seen as a healthy fear that will prevent you from jumping into new relationships before you are ready. At this point you may form temporary friendships and love relationships in order to "get your feet wet" again.

Struggling against the fear of commitment often pays off because being able to share your life with someone you really care for can be wonderful.

Meanwhile, think on this: "Commitment phobia has its roots in the belief that when we love someone, we are responsible for their feelings rather than for our own."

Sooooo, are u commitment-phobic?? tell urelf the truth and work on it o, stop lying to urself. I personally have a few friends that are verrry commitment phobic...they have never admitted it, but reading this article myself, now i know...hmmm


Thursday, April 7

Oh Wow! to think i used to put up 5 posts a day + innocent and pure love...where has it gone

Hello! its been almost a month since i blogged. its so sad. its not writer's block that's doing me o, and its not dat i'm too busy. i dunno if its me being nonchalant (dats very normal wit me) or watever. i'll try to keep up from now tho.

do u ever reminisce about when you were younger? when your worries were just 'i don't want mummy to catch me'? when love was just pure and innocent? when you were not paranoid about anything? when your relationship worries were not - is he/she cheating, is he/she husband/wife material, will he/she marry me? when everything was just about fun? I woke up yesterday morning with that feeling. i have this problem of remembering things...details especially (refer to my post http://tunmama.blogspot.com/2010/11/goldfish-like-mesmh.html) so when i was remembering all those times when things used to be so easy it was vague but it was sweet.

Its so difficult now that before you do anything you have to think about so many other things. Being too cautious sucks u know, it usually backfires. when you are too careful sometimes, the other person knows and that person can take complete full advantage of you by making u understand that theres nothin to be cautious about and that you can trust them with ur feelings. Believe it or not, being extremely cautious is the fastest ride to being vulnerable. ask me why. u act all tuff at first, but once the person tells u u can trust them, u let ur guard down, u let it down completely. its like u have found that person that is what you have been looking for. Once you let go, the person now has u completely. U will turn to mumu. Now u will be lucky if this person is good and truly has good intentions, (dats mostly the case), but then u get too comfy and maybe eventually start to over do it. you get so involved that this person becomes ur life. Now imagine if that person just comes to u one day and tells u its over. wont u die? ur life is over na abi? that prolly happend becos once u let down ur guard, u opend up parts of u that the person did not know, and maybe it was too overwhelming for the person. maybe the person started feeling choked or even scared like - wetin be dis? who be dis abeg? there has to be a solution for this, because ur next relationship will most likely start and end the same way as this....

see what i mean? where is the innocence and purity of love??

My advise might sound very silly, but i think thats the only way where u can feel the realness of the moment until it ends or until it blossoms into something bigger and better. Always give 100%. from the beginning to the end. That way, u had fun, no one took advantage of anything, it was good and den it became better or worse, and then every other thing unfolds. Leave it all to destiny, cos truly no one knows tomoro. Instead of starting it like u have a cold heart, getting ur heart melted, only to have it crushed, squeezed stepped on and spat at. then u go back into a harder shell, and have the episode replayed ALL OVER AGAIN when you meet the next douche.

think of it this way....if you act cautious and are paranoid about things, ur not being urself, and it still might not work out, but if you give ur 100% from the begining, u're being urself, it might or might not work, but u still had the time of ur life innit?!

***this applies to WOMEN and MEN! i know both sexes who have had this experience...

hmmmmm i dont even know if this is Roman, Karma, Tunmama or even Tunrayo... i think its Tunrayo, cos i'm speaking from the heart today... ah pple must read this post o! lol