Friday, October 11

Nothing much, just being a MOM :-)

Hello ladies n fellas, i don't feel like gisting today so i won't. Feast your eyes on pictures of me and my lover boy.. to see more pls follow me on instagram @tunmama23

hehehehe. he did this himself o, i only captured the moment

the feeling can never be explained. if only y'all could see inside my heart. 


Friday, August 30

Spam Comments!!! & I'm back!!! Sorta.... lol

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! omg i get soooo many freaking spam comments! its so frustrating jeez how can i stop dis???

Hello anyone/no-one/everyone! How have you all been (yes including my non existent spam messagers lol). Hope everyone is good?

Well my last blog post was in January dang! who wuda thunk? Ok so a few new great things have happened in my life since the last time i blogged proper:

I got married last year September & November (registry then wedding party) whoop whoooop!! My husband is the most amazing person ever. Like i he is the bestest friend i could ever have. There is nothing i cannot do in front of him. He know the whole of me and that feels great!.

Ok so i have another major gist. I HAD A BABY!!!!!! OMG i will recount the whole labor and delivery in another post. That experience deserves an entire post by itself. Just know one thing (to those who aren't moms yet), that experience can NEVER EVER be explained to the fullest. You will only have to experience it yourself sorry. This is the clearest case of "experience is the best teacher" no matter how "cliche" it is. Except you opt for an epidural (I'm def getting dat next) or a choice of doing a Cesarean, please note that labor is no joke. its not even something you cry to..its just PAIN...unbearable pain, with each episode lasting approx 20 seconds. *sigh*

Anyhoo i have the most adorable, independent, cute, ambitious (lol yes i know this already), cranky, handsome, playful young man ever!!!! He is my world, i love him with everything that i am. i cannot even explain the way i feel. Having a child is truly the greatest achievement i believe. I pray every wanting wife/woman will experience this in Jesus name...AMEN.

As usual, i leave u with photos:

At birth 5th of June
a week ago
Both of us this morning lol, i didnt wanna go to work....*sigh* 

ok then bye guys/whoever/spammers


Friday, January 11

Wednesday, January 9

Ranting in Reverse - Koko Concert 2012

I am just remembering all the things that annoyed me in my time of hiatus on this blog, and Koko Concert (Mr. Dbanj the axxhole) was the highlight of it all.

The 3 ONLY reasons why i even begged my hubby to purchase the tickets was because of Idris Elba, 2face and Wizkid. Idris Elba was the 'host'of the event as marketed.

The show was scheduled to start 7pm which we all know in naija should be max 9pm (at least so i thought). I didn't care because i really wanted a good place to sit (notice i said sit) even before the show started so i urged my hubby and we got there by 7:30pm. First of all the road to the venue was a never ending journey right there on the beach of Eko Atlantic, i didn't care because where i was going to was more important than all that. As we arrived and finally parked (i wont say that story) we walked towards the venue only for us to see hundreds of people outside the gate.. this was already 8ish. Ahn ahn, whats going on please? the venue wasn't fully ready yet so no one could go in...huh??? Ok now. I went with my hubby and 3 of my girlfriends, so we just took our time to diss the youngins around us (it was a show that had Big Sean who is what 23?? so a lot of kids were there, trust me even 12yr olds were at that place) We were just being funny and naughty. Then at the corner of my eye i saw a truck offloading speakers!! At past 8PM they were just offloading speakers...from that moment i was already wanting to go back home, but i couldn't say this to my hubby lol..i too beg for that ticket abeg.. i frustrated him into buying it for that matter.

I guess they realized that outside was almost turning into a stadium so they decided to let people in. they asked for 2 lines - 1 for regular and the other for VIP. This was when all the fonee speaking pple's hands fell right close to mine lmaoooo! There were only 2 people on the VIP line...regular line was from here all the way to heaven lmao!!! (yes i was on the regular line...and so? it was 5k please). We sha entered o and we were positioned right in front of the stage wooohoooo! I was so so happy, the VIP peeps were wayyy behind and VVIP were up to our right. Now here comes the shocker...there were no seats for us in regular. This wouldn't have been a problem at all if the show had started immediately because your feet are moving and you're jumping, adrenaline pumpin and all that....let me tell you, the DJ started playing music, and for 4 hours straight the DJ was the show :( i was beyond feet were chest was paining me...i kept sitting on the ground to regain some strength...ah ah ah it was horrible!!!

Then at 12 midnight Basketmouth and Bovi came on the stage..ooook, they are cool, funny and all, but where the hell is Idris Elba please? He is the "HOST"right??? These 2 comedians cracked successful jokes for another hour or so which were truly funny, so that made me happy a bit, but i just kept wondering when the host would come out. To cut the long story short, Basketmouth and Bovi hosted this show...the whole thing. Idris Elba did come out, but even a hype man was on stage longer than him. He ran to the stage when people were screaming for him at about 2:30am (when so many idiots had performed) and then he introduced Tinie Tempah, Big Sean and Dbanj when they were to perform. I was disgusted by this that i wasn't even slightly excited whenever he "popped" up on the stage.

The 2nd and biggest f**k up was that Tuface and Wizkid didn't come to that event. i didn't even know how to react. i felt like climbing that stage and giving Dbanj hot slaps and biting him all over. Wicked basturd! Dbanj's performance was the worst of the night and i am not lying. People started leaving the moment he spent 15minutes on stage asking us to beg the VVIP people that they should not be angry with him. arrant nonsense. What a failure

The show was a flop...30/100 is what i grade it...i'm grading 30 because Tinie Tempah, Big Sean and our Nigerian artists lit up the stage and managed to still have me singing and dancing for a while after all i had gone through that night. The after-party of that show was the walk of life people had to walk to their cars and some to the main gate lmao! hilarious. i didn't walk for too long sha but i sat in traffic for a while at 4am to get out of the blaady place lol.

The show was on the 27th of Dec. As God would have it (knowing fully well that i really needed to see Tuface perform "Ihe Neme" in this my lifetime and i'm not interested in going for shows ever again), on the night of the 31st/1st after church, my hubby and i branched at the Lagos State countdown stuff they did on the beach (old Kuramo) and without spending a kobo or standing for long, i saw my Tuface perform :) i was so so happy. Tuface is the greatest Nigerian artist ever.

Lmao! jus had to put this up for no reason

Tuesday, January 8

My birthday 2012 November 28

Imagine me o, the most enthusiastic birthday person in the world! My birthday came last year and i didn't even blog about it...funny enough i blogged on the 27th of November just a day to my bday and on the day itself i bailed. It was a fun day sha don't get me wrong, but i almost forgot it even...i refuse to claim the "old age" saying. i turned 26 are some pics.

By the way, my lovely lover/hubby sent me a red velvet cake at bestest cake in the world!

My dog fifi says hi (Lhasa Bichon breed)

this is my cute dog. her name is FIFI and she says hi. She's too adorable!

Happy New Year!! 2013!!

Yes yes yesssss! i know its 8th of January lol but i haven't posted this year so i still have d right to wish you this.

Marriage hasn't made me boring o, i refuse to even think this. I guess i have just been less enthusiastic than i used to be before...but all that will change now. I wanna get back to my blogging men...even tho all i blog is random sh*t, i actually wanna be more informative now you know...i want to have things on here that actually helps people in one way or the other. i'll still post my random stuff, but at the same time i'll share things i know and also put up things that are happening that interest me as well.

Here is to a more productive i come 2013!!

PS. i am now Mrs. O by the way :)