Tuesday, November 30

more bday fotos

good morning darlinz...more of my bday fotos.

me n tope

me n tommy

Tope Sumbo n Niyi

tope n sumbo

sexy somebody

zara...she wasn't part of the party o lemme not claim..she was jus there gettin her karaoke on

Niyi n Funmi

Me n Seye

sumbo, niyi, funmi n seye

moi, niyi, funmi n seye

niyi n sumbo

sumbo, me, seye n funmi


seye n niyi (amebo-ing)

swe manager..gettin her singin on


Monday, November 29

Nicki Minaj's yansh

hmmmmmm, i love nicki minaj very very well!!! her flows are sick! as in have u heard Roman's Revenge with Eminem?? as in, my bb name is now Roman becos of that song! damn!

Bust ehn, something about her physical appearance..lol. Aside from all her barbie drama, my girl has one kind of yansh like dis. yansh dat she did not have a few years ago.. if it is real, abeg tell me where to do it. me and a couple of my friends are VERY interested. lol. Oya lemme show u a recent pic of this wondaful yansh (which i honestly, absolutely, seriously belive its fake...not fake as in lipo, but fake as in butt pads!) Oya see for ya sef.

Side view

See yanssshhh!!

Open wide! lol

with drake...ashawo

Oya see my sister before!!

And finally (this is the KILLA) for those of u reading dis from ur laptops, here is a fideo link- http://bit.ly/eI4pb

I refuse to belive she's as sexy as she's claiming!!! yaayyyy! *dancing*

 U see woramean??


i am now 24 oooooo! picturesss

hi guys, i had an awesome weekend! Sunday was my birthday, but my most fun was saturday nyt / sunday morn. i went clubbing with friends, we wen to 3 clubs (Bacchus, Marquee and Movida). It was awesome. we had sooooooo much fun! shout out to my friends dat showed up. love u guys.

Then yesterday, i was at the palms with my friends, we were supposed to bowl, but we got there late so we only ate and gisted, then afterwards, we got cake and went to swe bar for some karoke and also to celebrate! it was really nice. we were out till 12am, den dis morning, i woke up late, and almost forgot about a meeting!! too much fun sometimes sha.

What's really important is that i am very grateful to God for my life, i am grateful for my family and friends. Thank God for my job, and for the very kind people i have surrounding me. And as for the fake / bad people around me, y'all shud stick around, there is more of me to be seen.. in all things i give thanks to God.

Here are some pics from my bday, but i will still post more after i download dem from my friend's camera



i'm sure u can identify me? yeah i'm the mad black woman...lol


Friday, November 26


Supppppppppppppp fellaasss!!!!! Ahhhhh i haven't blogged since MONDAY!!! gbese!

Wow, i have had quite a bz week sha.. my boss got back on Monday, and since then, na more work and extra attention of course ..lol. Imagine him coming to my system and seeing a page opened called 'I Please Me'??? d guy go first crase..lol..

Sooooo, this weekend on Sunday is me n trey songz birthday!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! New year for me, and defo new changes! first of all, i attach too much iportance to irrelivant people and that has got to STOP!! ahn ahn, i'll be feeling bad about something i shudnt, and den the idiot / fool will now start riding on the wave..mcheeewww. Otondo oshi!

I also AM going to be closer to God, cos i need too!! I need strength and i shall find it Insha Allah... Other stuff as well sha.

Hope y'all are good? ok o. just checkin in on you guys. will post some interesting stuff before leavin d office today.


Monday, November 22

what a weekend!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN SUNMBO aka Mamanino!!!

Sup babes and bobos. How was ur weekend?? mine was eventful..

Happy birthday to my sweet sweet friend Adesunmbo Ajaba! May alll your heart desires be given to you by God, and may God bless u and ur boys! I know its monday, but stiil, what are we doing later 2day? *grinnin* Lemme show u guys my fine friend!

dats her in the middle....oh and me on the left with my full hair!

selxy hippie
You guys won't belive she has 2 kids!! 2 boys men! see how hot she still looks.. oh boy if its like dis, i'm ready o!! Many more years darling!

This weekend was crazy sha! ok on saturday, i went to festac, then back to the island later in the evenin for the Soundcity Video Music Awards (SMVA). i had mad fun with my friends, but i wore heels, so i almost lost my ankles! damn i hate heels! ok sha, the awards was nice, Uti hosted...he did well. Then there were performances from pquare, Wizkid (fine boy), banky, ASA (My favorite moment of the whole evening), one south african group like dis (cant remb there name), R2bees (i love their beats men)......who again?.....ok Timaya, Mohits crew, Alapomeji crew (no 9ice o...even me i was wonderin). Timaya and Dr SID were doing some very irritating body wining stuvz. things dat babes do...mchew. 2face won 2 awards (yaay), banky won 2, then dagrin, goldie, pquare, one guy like dis dat won MTN project fame....dunno his name, some other african countries. i wonder why dey made the awards like and all african thing instead of just naija...so many name wey i no know. even dem sef no fit pronounce d names...smh. Sasha performed, and unfortunately for her, her back-up singer became the star of d performance and Sasha herself became back up singer! lmao! omashe...hehehe.i'm sure immediately they got backstage, the girl was slapped and sacked! hahaha

Then our very own Mr Nigeria came on stage and said 'everybody lemme HEAR ur hands up" chai! we nigerians are very mean ehn! pple were laffing like mad, den they started boo-ing him..eyaah sad...hehehe

Then at the end of the show wen they announced the after party spots to be Rehab and Tribeca, one guy not far from where i was sitting said 'we're going to Tapioka'!!! *dead* i almost choked on my tongue from lafta! sheeeet...instead of him to shut up or ask for pronunciation confirmation..loollll

Before i forget, lemme shout out my 3 frnds dat made that night possible- Chantel dashed me one free ticket, Bami dashed me 2 (went wit 2 of my frnds). then finally the sexy BULL, who took care of me and my friends all thru d nyt.. we hung out with R2bees n all (we gangsta...lol). Bull buy more suits o!! u really looked good!

Anyways, we went to Rehab, but my feet were still killin me. i was even walkin like i had 'iboton" (yoruba).

Then yesterday was my friend's sister's birthday.. she's more like my sister as well cos we've known for soooo long...anyhoo, so she did a little something in festac, and we had SOOOOOOOO much fuuuuuuuuuunn!!!! it was crazy! Happy bday again Aunty Yetunde! kisses

i have to work now, later guys... and sumbo, don't let all my above story make u forget about the fun u are going to create for later today o!!! lol


Friday, November 19

hello ladays n fellas

I have been dulling u guys o! ahn ahn! havent blogged since Tuesday and i only did one post! o ga o...cud it be lack of comments? nah, that shudnt stop a beast like me!! 

ok so what has been happening o? aside from my fall, nothing major has happend sha. except that i slept welll last night after 2weeks of no light. they brot the light, and i slept with the a/c on full blast..i was so f**king cold, but i have been sleeping in heat for so long, i was ready to freeze until help comes..

Abeg why do people wear sunglasses to the club and into dark zones? seriously, how can that be fashion? its so sad when i see people do dat..haba! its dark already, den u use something darker to cover ur eyes..u dey mad?? abeg thats foolish jo. pple shud stop doing dat shit...

i have been very sad for the past few weeks from all the heat, then also other personal issues going on in my life...really pray it goes away, cos i'm not cut out for sadness! 

i'm so excited for the weekend.. i'll be in festac all weekend chillin with my darlin sholls...

y'all should have a very cool weekend!


Tuesday, November 16

sad sallah fall :(

See me o, I've been watchin 24 season 7 all day o, nobody disturbed me o. Den my little brother said I shud come watch 106&park dat there are new videos. So I left my room. Dats how dey were doing commercials and those pple can do like 20comercials at a go. So I said lemme take d opportunirty and take my bath. D main video I even wanted2 see was Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me..so I rushed to take my bath..as I finished, I was already hearin d sound of the song as if it was already startin, so I wanted2 rush out. As I lifted my right leg to come out of d bathtub, d thing betrayed me and stayed on the edge of d tub and instead of stayin there, it slipped and I fell. I fell in a very disorganized fashion. My legs were everywhr and my neck hit d other edge behind me! Gaddam it hurts!! Even as I'm typin, d tin still hurts. My mom used aboniki balm to rubb it for me but still, I must check it out...

Sad sallah afternoon :(

No kissess,

Monday, November 15

Baraka de Sallah!

yaaayyyy!! another weekend! i'm sooo happy! this one is going to be spent lazy-ing around men..i'm just gonna cuddle up to momsie and eat anyhow..watch movies on my laptop, listen to music, block out the outter world and all....i'l try to blog on my phone sha if i'm up to it..

for those that work, have a lovely extra two days rest...and for those dat don't u go ahead and do u...*awkward*..lol

me i'm outtie sha! did i tell u i'm muslim? ok peace!


shout outs!!

hmmmmmmmmmm so i just found out that i have soo many friends who read my blog! don't mind them, their fingers can click and scroll but it can't type that's why they haven't been commenting...mcheeeeeeewwww!! i still love them tho...oya lemme shout some of them out!!

B.S oko mi atata , Debz my crazy somebody! my mirror, Sherri ashawo somebody, Sunmbo sexy mama of 2...lol, Modus d sergent, Mchantel my fellow blogger (she comments), Busayo!! sweet quiet sexy somebody (she comments too), Feyi aka Meg (she comments too), Tolu my darlin, S.biggie! my lil bro, Nike aka many tins, Senterrrr!! my babyy!!, Lola designer baby! lolabuttonz blog coming soon, Seun aka shag, Victoria aka NELLY, Onyeka omo ibo..hehe, Toye, my biggest critic! DOYIN GEORGE - my maaad friend that i always feel like killing..arrrgghh,....*thinking* ok i think thats all.. and i tot they were plenty.....well, my fan base is growing *grinning*

Well, I love u guys plenty!!!! keep repping geneva diva aka, tunmama, aka nicki minaj, aka beyonce, aka tokyomama1, aka, anythin sexy...looool

u pple shud BETTER start commenting if not no more stories for u!!! ur days will go back to being boring *buhahaha* *evil laff* *dancing* ...lool

later jo! 


Car issues!!!! thank God i'm thru with that

Sup fellas!

hmmmm i was just gisting with my colleague about the days wen i used to have car issues...my very first car was a Kia Optima 2005 model (sounds very sweet abi? hmmm if only you knew)... i bot it off an older friend at a very good price...seeing that we were in 2009 then and i was offered a 2005 car at such a price, i flew on the opportunity...remembering now, my cousin lekan really warned me about that car. What's sad is that, whatever he warns me about always ends up blowing up in my face...nigga got juju or somn.. anyhoo, i bot the car (despite the fact that the person who sold it to me said the car was used to take his kids out...u can imagine me still buying it) Sha, my life didn't remain the same once i bot the car...just so you know, i didn't know how to drive. i learnt how to drive within a week tho *big grin* thanks to Tony a guy in our office. i had a few scratches on my own with parked cars (yes i was dat stupid and rough). As in i actually scratched my car on a parked danfo in obalende.. The danfo was condemned as in no tyres nothing, and i was driving too close to it so instead of me to reverse and re-adjust, lai lai, i just completed my stupidity and completely dragged the car to the end... everyone was lookin at me like i was mad...i gave them one look ehn, like screw u! its my car!!! lmao!!

Then my mechanic was just an agent of the devil who was sent to come and milk my already low bank account... the cheapest thing i ever fixed in that car was 2,500naira..yup the CHEAPEST! spending on that car became very normal..so normal that even me when the car has no issues, becos of fear of it disgracing me, i wud call the mechanic to come and check it out...and mr lati would gladly say there was a problem...*sigh* my life.... Many times that that car has disgraced me...lemme give you anoda instance.

Sometime in Decemebr last year, myself and my friend Sunmbo went for a show at the Oriental Hotel in Lekki. The show was 'One night with 2face'. Anyways, i was driving in front of her, and she was driving right behind me.. we were driving there with no wahala o! i had my ac on, blasting music, noddin my head and all. As we approached the gate guess what happend? My wondaful car stopped right in the middle of the gate...in the middle as in half the car was in the gate and half was outside.. you can't even begin to understand the feeling dat i felt from the inside..i almost shat in my seat.. i came out in my cute dress and there were like 20 cars lined up behind me!!!! honking like trailer drivers...ahh i almost died! it was an automatic car, not much could be done immediately..den after like 3 minutes of horror film, some guys there now came to my rescue..the car didn't start o..but they pushed soo hard because it was an automatic car...we sha spent like 15minutes tryin to get my car away from the entrance so people could come in and see 2face...i swear i was embarrased.. i was so embarrased ehn!

Sha sha, that one ended and i went in and enjoyed the show, and after that the foolish thing started at one try...imagine that..

Glory be to God, i have changed the f**king car that gave me sleepless nyts and restless days! thanks to Sunmbo who sold me a much better car which i have been driving for 4 months now...the highest i have spent on that car is 400naira! imagine!! that kia was obviously a punishment for something which i still don't know, and i hope that's the only punishment i'm gettin!


good mornin...hope u guys slept this weekend...i didnt

Good morning guys.. sorry i didn't blog this weekend. For the past week and more, we haven't had light.. why is dis happening now??? i tot it was the whole lagos, but apparently not! its just bloody where i stay!! what the hell??? my gen didn't work for 3 days..ah lord! i haven't had sweet sleep for the past week o!! except one nyt when i slept at my frnd's place. i'm not enjoying this at all! my gen even burnt my blackberry charger, so even in the dark wen i can't sleep, i can't chat or even blog...ah!!!

Other than that, my weekend was ok sha. i went to the airport to pick my frnd's sis on saturday, then in the afternoon i went to chill with my sweetheart (sholls), then in the evening, Sunmbo, Feyi and i went to see a movie 'You Again'. it was a verry funny movie..you should see it.. starring Betty White, Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis. Then i slept at feyi's place that nyt. on Sunday i was with my mama and bro...just chillin..i can't wait for this sallah break (tomoro and next) when i will chill at home doing nothing....there is lite there so yaaay!!

i'm in the office now...lemme do some work. i'll come back in later with stuff..


Friday, November 12

Bz Friday...........tomoro is saturday!! dats d koko

Wooooooooow!! what a freakin bz day!!! choi, i didnt even have time to blog, and at the moment i'm still bz..its crazy sha but thank God tomorrow is saturday. no bloody screamin alarm.. ok jus came by to holla and let it not be like i didnt say anything today...lemme leave u with one picture message i saw for u to ponder on....

The thing is very on point, but no one applies it until d deed is done..smh.. we human beings sha... Have a lovely evening y'all.. i'm soo tired!


Thursday, November 11

feeling so so sad...God please turn things around

hi guys (in a low voice),

i'm not happy at all.. things are not happening as they shud be... God i need a miracle now please..i really do..please hear my cry..thank u in advance....

This is how i feel now

This is how i want to feel....

So help me God.


Tunmama's word of the day.....Positivity

Hello darlings...

Taking a positive approach to life will bring many rich rewards. Yet forcing yourself to be positive is not the way to get there.
Forcing yourself to be positive is not being positive. Fighting against negativity is not being positive.
When you merely try to be positive, your focus is on the trying and not on any actual positive substance. The very act of trying to be positive is a clear sign that you're not.
Instead, allow yourself to be naturally positive by experiencing, in your mind or in your world, what you truly love. Let go of the striving and let love be.
If positive thinking is just another item on your list of things to do, it won't bring you any real value. Instead of making it a chore to be positive, just give it room and reason to easily and naturally grow within you.
Seek less judgment and feel more joy. Be naturally positive and authentically empowered.


i cannot sleep oooo!!!! ☹

Its 2:39:18 AM and I can't sleep! What is dis now?? I love sleepin and I dey sleep. There is no light and dats so irritating and I slept early so I think I kno why I'm awake..mcheewww.

Anyways, abeg lemme gist u guys about my phobias and allergies. In d dark is not d best place neither is 2am d best time2 start talkin bout wat scares me, but dats wats comin2 my head rite now..

Frogs and Rats!! *typin dat alone is givin me mad ass goosebumps* My frog story, I was abroad (niger...woteva), den I think I was 7, and I quickly ran2 my neighbours house around 8pm without any shoes on. On my jolly way back, I felt somethin jump on my foot...OMG! OMG! I died on d spot! It felt all slimy and BIG! Arrgggghh it was a damn frog! U shud hav seen me dat day really, I ran home cryin like a fool, took a knife and was ready to cut off dat foot, I'm tellin u. If not for one of our 7 house helps (yup, we had 7 at a time...na so..ask my mama), aunty ramota who saw me and took d knife away, only God knows. Till date, if I see as much as a tadpole, a part of me loses it.

I have 50million rat stories I tell u! Looool. Those things are my worst enemies!!! As iinnn! I hate rats wit a major major passion..they irritate d life out of me..I AM SCARED OF RATS!!! This one story, I was in secondary school (OTISS, one dead skool in abeokuta like dat) and it was in d middle of d nyt and I was on the lower bunk. So jus like 2nite, I cudnt sleep -or was it dat I went to pee? Any which way sha, I was on my bed and awake...wat did I asee on my locker?? One medium lookin rat with a white lookin line in between its eyes!! Mo gbe!! I covered myself up to my head, den slowly brot d wrapper unda my chin...oh boy! D tin still dey dia! Den with all d fear in me, I started sayin 'shoo, shoo,' like I was chasin away a damn dog or somn...guess whatv d tin didn't move! Aaahh! Nothing I didn't do dat nyt..but I was in bed sha. I used my hand to hit my shoe unda d bunk wit d bunk itself...lai lai d bloody babalawo lookin rat didn't go anywia! I even whispered my bunkmates name...still nothin..d tin didn't even move AT ALL! Some weird as rat dat was! Till today I always bliv d thing was sent to me..lol. Call me superstitious....woteva...but eventually sha I jus covered my head again, and made up my mind dat U must sleep! So I forced myself2 sleep. Afta that, me and ratsa hav had sooo many encounters ehn..some made me cry, some made me sleepless, scared outta my life..and so on...na wa.

Alergies, I'm allergic to seafood...dat one didn't start till early last year o! Before den I used to love shrimps men! But one day, I jus had seafood pizza, and I started vomittin, my throat started closin up and my neck started itchin!! I was like oookk, wats my own wit all dese oyinbo reactions?? Lol. I tot it was jus dat pizza o, until anoda day again, I had one special fried rice wit shrimps in it....sametin.. So now, even vegetable soup with 'ede' (crayfish) in it sometimes messes me up.

I think dats d only thing I'm allergic to..abi? I'll tell u wat I looove some oda time..my fone battery is low, and I must publish dis post..lol.

Good nyt / mornin my darlings..


Wednesday, November 10

TV series i absolutely LOVE!

Family Guy!!! the crazy cartoon series dat i watch! God bless u feyi for introducin me to dis...my life has neva been d same!

Father is Peter (mumu) Mom is Louis (known to have a wild past..lol), first son Chris (ode, kinda gay, blond), MEG!!(self-conscious unatrractive babe, feyi's fav character..evryone disses her), Stewie (dangerous baby..talks like an adult, possesses mad weapons, and always plottin to kill his mom...lmao!) and Brian (the family dog who talks, doesn't blive in God, and is quite intelligent)
Chris, Lois, Stewie, Peter, Brian (dog), Meg

notice meg is dressed up as somethin..i swear i dont kno as what??? Lmao!
There are other characters as well, but these are the basics. you guys must watch!

One Tree Hill...i love this one as well...very sweet!! its a Teen Drama about two half-brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, living in the fictional town of Tree Hill, NC. Lucas was abandoned at birth by their father, and lives as a loner with his mom and best friend Haley James. Both brothers have a love of basketball, and when Lucas moves from playing in the park to playing for the varsity team, they must deal with the fact that they have to see each other, despite the fact that they hate each other. Lucas must also deal with being thrust into a whole new circle of friends. To avoid dealing with the downfall that most shows experience when their characters go to college, in its fifth season, it jumps four years into the future after they have all graduated.
Peyton, Lucas, Hailey, Nathan and Brooke

24! action series...Jack Bauer will never die! looool..

Jack Bauer

Ugly Betty...my favourite characters are Marc and Amanda....hilarious duo..loool

Desperate Housewives...mad set of women with diff mad characters.

Catherine, Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Eddie

And finally Entourage!...boys chilling and living life in Hollywood.. Ari Gold is my fav character..

Ari |Gold and his gay assistant Lloyd..lmao i looove these 2

Johnny Drama, Turtle, Vince, Eric, ARI!!

Thanks all folks! all these series are verrry sweet...please look for them and watch!