Friday, December 30

Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year in advance guys. I really appreaciate those of you that take time out to come here whenever you do. i go thru my stats once in a while (something i just discovered) and i actually realized that more people come here dan i tot. Just that you don't leave comments *sigh* u boo. The stats shows me u guys come here and i've also seen the posts that interests people lol.

Have a wonderful break, i will be back in the office on the 3rd (boohoo), but i'll take a 2 week break from the 2nd week of the new year (yayyy).

I love y'all so much. kisses!!

Friday, December 23

Monday, December 19

Rhythm Unplugged comedy show- Sisqo!

So i was on my way back to the island yesterday evening tired as fuck, and then my cousin calls to to ask if i wanted to go for the rhythm uplugged comedy show happening last night. I honestly didnt care bout the show cos all rhythm unppluged shows are usually freaking packed and uncomfy, but as i see awoof na i say ok make i go.

The show was interesting. the comedians were funny as usual. one buchi guy and bovi made me laff like mad. So anyways they announced a surprise performance- Dru Hill. I won't lie, i was like huh?? una career don end for yankee, na naija con remain abi? I sang along to 2 of their songs i knew, and then sisqo performed thong song. People danced and everythin. One funny thing tho is that when he was performing, i was just sayin to myself 'ah it wont be a bad idea to take a foto with this dude o' little did i know dat that thot wud manifest *grinning*

After the show, me n my cousin were going to the car park thru the swimming pool side, and i saw the whole dru hill crew having a quiet dinner or wateva... i was like WAAHHH! right next to me??! hian! i must not let this opportunity pass me by. So i called my friend abdul who works with silverbird tv and begged him to take me there as i was scared of embarrasement.

So i got there all grinning and fucking nervous. I was so shy/scared etc. Guess what sisqo said to me? "awww you have the most beautiful smilee" ehnnnnn i was happyyyyy! and i used dat my red lipstick. oh gerrrd.

Well here is our foto togeda. short man:

ignore my lips'shape. i was nervous i said.
Yayyyy! and now i shall go for the music concert incase just INCASE they go and surprise me with Jay Z or sometin. Person gast dey prepared.

Lemme work.


Levres Rouges (Red Lips)

Hi y'all,

So i got my red lips on this weekend. I also got my oversized Fedora on too cos i took off my weave and my friend hooked me up with didi and it was quite unpresentable, so i rocked a hat.


you like?


Sunday, December 18

sunday morn and i'm in bloody skool

My title has said it. Imagine. I'm sposed to be at home chillin with my fam and one bloody lecturer asked us to come for 8am!!! Here we are, a few minutes to 10 and d bloody he-goat hasn't come. Wats d meaning of dis ehn?!?!! I want to sleeeeep!!! Arrghh.

Well I'm leaving here by 10 and notin no one can tell me will change dat.

Bye bye


Tuesday, December 6

Walk for Life- Sickle Cell Walk last wknd 3rd Dec

Hello guys,

Other than my birthday party on sunday, me and a couple of other awesome pple went for a walk on saturday for Sickle Cell awareness. We walked from Obanikoro to Maryland, and it was wonderful. I felt realy good with myself i tell u.

When there's another one, i'll put up details here for y'all so you can attend, but still check out the website cos you can be a part of this too if you like:

One or 2 fotos:

daz me n debz

daz me n my oily nose

me teeto n debz

Monday, December 5

My 25th birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooo!! The party of the YEAR occured yesterday. i swear i'm not kidding. it was LIVE. i am truly an underground celebrity (as my frnd called me). All my friends were out with me at the beach yesterday. my bday gon gon was on 28th of nov (last week monday) but couldnt do much during d week. The party started from like 4pm and i dint leave there till 10:30 pm!! and dats cos there's work today if not ehn, wud have prolly pulled an all nighter. Any ways all my close frnds came out and partied badlly. pple were sweating as if they were swimming. all soaked up n shit. My colleagues sef came out to party..pple dat always look all serious during the I'm so grateful for my girls that helped with the cooking and ensuring that everyone had enuff to eat n drink (Feyi, Kachi, Wura, Busayo, Funmi, Yewande) it was just simply amazing! didnt want it to end.

As usual u know me...plennny Photoss :D

nike n hot ewa


seun (d law)

kachiii (omo ibo)



happy birthday to my kid bro and jay z!! (was yesterday)

Hi Darlingssssss!

Yesterday dec 4th was the bday of 2 of my fav pple in the world. My younger brother Stanley Biggie  (biodun) and jigga jay z!!! i love dem both so muchhh and they love me back equally (YUP!)

So yea i wish them all the wonderful things in life (jay has dat already sha) so mostly my kid bro, i wish him every single thing his beautiful heart desires and more! May God bless dem!!!

ANNNNDDD i had my proper 25th birthday party yesterday at the beach!! wooohoo! i'll tell u more bout it in my next post :D


Monday, November 28

its my birthday again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm 25 beeetch!

Its my birthday!!! I thank God for the gift of life and i thank allll my friends on BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Text Messages, Phone Calls. Goshhh so wonderfully overwhelming. Tooo much love i tell u. What i loved the most were the prayers! damn so powerfully strong prayers. I grab them FULLY and say AMEN!

wooohoooo!!! daz me at work 2day
 And its also Trey Songz birthday too!! here's a collage i did last year abeg i'm repeating it again this year!

I'm growing oldd. i can say i am now fully ripe!


Friday, November 25

Intellexual - My new found word

This is a new word that i just discovered today and i love it, cos i can relate:


Adj. 1. Appealing to or engaging the intellect in a sexual way. Intellexual pursuits.

2. Possessing or showing intellect and sexiness, especially to a high degree. Intellexual person.

N. 1. A person of superior intellect and sexuality.

2. A person who places high value in ensuring intellect is utilized to sexually excite others.

3. A person who engages in the academic study of the role of intellect in sexual pleasure.
The two had such a strong intellexual connection that smart conversation elicited as much desire as contact.
I like

Thursday, November 17

Beyonce is such an amazing woman!

This woman definitley planned out her whole life on paper and is now living her dreams. Everything just seems too perfrct for her. Its scary tho cos now i'm just at the edge like something is just going to happen, But i seriously doubt it. She and Jay Z are two amazing artists and seem like two amazing people. I loved Jay z even before i liked beyonce and now the two of my most awesome ppel are together. Its explosive men.

I have been anticipating the video for my most fav song on her album 'End of Time', expecting it to be all sorts of awesomeness, but she ended up compiling some of her stage performaces of the song and turned it into a video. I still love it. Its funny that she kept touching her tummy whenever she said 'i will be your baby' and no one noticed until she finally announced at the VMAs. oh well. Here is the video for 'End of Time'and also the video for 'I was here' 

'I Was Here'

'End Of Time'

This her I Was Here video is somehow as if she tryna retire...abi whats up with beyonce showing us intimate videos of her?? even a glimpse of her real wedding dress/day?? hmmm


Monday, November 14


He was an aspiring artist.
He never wanted to go to school even after gaining admission.
He was very focused in his music
He was very in love....

He was in school and very brilliant
He was into music at some point
He was very funny and very playful
He was very in love....

He was a business man
He was very funny
He was very stingy
He was very selfish
He was in love....

He was into music
He was very playful
He was very selfish
He was very available yet very unavailable
He was confused
He wasn't in love....

Çomposed by my friend - Yemi. She is guest-blogging


what a weekend! - My girl Lola is gettin married!!

 Hello babies!!

i had a very eventul weekend. My weekend started from Friday evening. I left work a bit early cos i had to get to festac for my girl's fashion show. Her name is Lola, her fashion line is called Lola Buttons. She organized an  exhibition + fashion show called 'Le Voisinage' which means 'The Neighborhood'in french.

After picking up my crazy friends yewande and yetunde, we made it to festac after approx 2hours on the road. i had to change outta my work clothes into the event's outfit under one very funny.

So the show was a success!! its her first of i hope many in the future. Pics:

W4 performed

dats me o. not on the runway sha..too fat

This my Lola babe is so skinny yet she has so much energy ehn. She is getting married next weekend o! i'm sooooo super excited ehn! This is an eye opener for the rest of us her friends o. All of us still feeling single and sexy and all, we will all now have to start planning how we too will walk down dat damn aisle (men, we are ready u can start proposing :) )

So after the fashion show ended around 10pm we all went to chill at our various chilling spots (me and some frnds lodged at a hotel cos it was gon be a long wknd). Then at around 11pm or was it 12am, we all went to the club. We kicked off at a club called Grasshoppers in festac, and we were there for a while. it didn't start off really fun, but my by the time we were ready to go to another club, we had had the time of our lives! it was so obvious dat the club felt us and that they prolly have neva had a crowd so fly like ours. so many hot n sexy chics who wouldnt stop dancing.. lol.

From there we went to another club called Pearl Harbor where we danced more and more. i really enjoyed that one cos there was a mirror in front of us, so one was able to see how much of a good/bad dancer she was...(yáll know ur girl held it down ;). We left the club at 4 or 5am, went back to our rooms and slept.

Now saturday, we Lola's friends had a Bridal shower surprise planned for her which she knew nothing about. We had it somewhr in satellite town, and it was a HUGE success! We had her fiance bring her over in the evening, and she was def surprised. there was so much tears and lafter and drinking and fighting (i was involed in all above mentioned i'm an all rounder). The build up to the shower was chaotic, but we thank God that it went well even tho we started hoursss late.

From there, we all went down to the island for more clubbing. We went to Deuces night club and had some more fun. By this time, my knees were basically gone. I was in heels for quite a while dat weekend and i didnt find it funny at all! Pics:

our bride!

advice session...

bride and chief bridesmaid

me and my bestie :) plus one mad babe peeping by the side lol

So yesterday (sunday) was a sleeping-in day for me. My day didn't start until 8pm. i went to do my hair, and after dat saw a movie "Columbiana". that was such a lovely movie. Zoe Saldana is an amazing actress (meanwhile i heard ysterday that her and her bf of 11yrs who got engaged only last year have now broken up) na wa for this life and relationships. God please let us find love that will last despite all odds.

Well there you have it. I had a wonderful weekend...hope you did too :) i can't wait for next weekend (the wedding) for some more fun!