Friday, July 5

Maria Okan, former Beat FM OAP Preg for Olamide Badoo!?!?

This Marian & Olamide's pregnancy thing is really doing me one kind.

On Monday 1st July, I saw on Olamide's Instagram page that he and his fiance just had a their second baby. I was elated and all.

Actually before that, I had seen on Maria's page (recently resigned Beat FM OAP) that she was having a baby. I even thought it was in the usual Nigerian women form whereby you only reveal your pregnancy AFTER the baby is born ( I know I did it). Then you start to post throwback photos and all. All this is usually to avoid giving birth to a yam...oooook.

Anyway, the day after Olamide announced his new child with his over-the-years-girlfriend-turned-fiance, my colleague at work hit me up on whatsapp asking me if I knew blah blah blah...see our conversation below...

I legit thought she was just talking about 2 different things until she linked it!

I don't even know what to feel about this whole thing. For me right now its just extremely juicy gist.

I'll sit here with my drink as I await more gist to unfold.....


Shame on me!


How is it not a shame that I haven't posted anything since 2015??????? That's sad actually.

I have alot of thoughts these days and then just compress them into a few words on instagram. I think i'm ready to resume venting on here.

A LOT of shit has gone down in the past few years. I now have 3 children! Yup, my 2 boys and now a girl...she's a year and 3 months old now. Tasking with those 3, but still amazing cos they're just such amazing personalities.

Okay I gotta go now. Got work to do, but I will be posting again today.



Tuesday, April 21

Sagittarius Woman

Except she's listening just so she can analyse and dissect all the crap coming out your mouth lol

Friday, April 17

A Touch of Love - for my babies

Saw this poem somewhere and I loved it.  Enjoy:


A Touch Of Love

You were six months old and full of fun,

With a blink of my eye, you were suddenly one.

There were so many things we were going to do,

But I turned my head and then you were two.

At two you were still dependent on me,

But independence took over when you were three.

Your third birthday, another year,

But as I lit the candles there weren’t three but four.

Four was the year that you really strived,

Why look at you, now you’re already five.

Now you’re ready for books and rules

This is the year that you go to school.

The day came, you were anxious to go

We walked to the bus, going oh so slow.

As the bus drove away and you waved goodbye,

I felt a lump in my throat and a tear sting my eye.

For when the bus brings you home and you jump to the ground,

You’ll be wearing a cap and graduation gown.

Time goes by so fast it’s hard to believe

Why just yesterday you were home with me.

So I’m holding these moments as hard as I can,

Because the next time I look….

I’ll be seeing a man



Monday, September 8

Wellllllll, Tuvie's got a baby bro! LOL

hi bxxxtchessssssssssss! lol ok i'm sorry. Hi guys. Its been almost a year! its been such a roller coaster for me. At some point i felt like a machine...a baby making machine that is lol. I have news.....drumrollllllllllll plssss (as if the post title didnt already give it away lol) My baby boy Tuvie is now a big brother!! Yup, i had another baby boy May this year...i know i know...these things happen.

How's everyone doing though? i'm sure alot has happened in your lives as well. i've missed blogging sha. i've missed ranting and randomly blabbing and typing fast. mostly a lot of personal nonsense but im glad i have pple who like to read my nonsense.

i love u all... i'll return to consistent blogging soon. I must make it like Linda!!

Aren't they cute....Big bro Tuvie, lil bro Tegha


Friday, October 11

Nothing much, just being a MOM :-)

Hello ladies n fellas, i don't feel like gisting today so i won't. Feast your eyes on pictures of me and my lover boy.. to see more pls follow me on instagram @tunmama23

hehehehe. he did this himself o, i only captured the moment

the feeling can never be explained. if only y'all could see inside my heart. 


Friday, August 30

Spam Comments!!! & I'm back!!! Sorta.... lol

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! omg i get soooo many freaking spam comments! its so frustrating jeez how can i stop dis???

Hello anyone/no-one/everyone! How have you all been (yes including my non existent spam messagers lol). Hope everyone is good?

Well my last blog post was in January dang! who wuda thunk? Ok so a few new great things have happened in my life since the last time i blogged proper:

I got married last year September & November (registry then wedding party) whoop whoooop!! My husband is the most amazing person ever. Like i he is the bestest friend i could ever have. There is nothing i cannot do in front of him. He know the whole of me and that feels great!.

Ok so i have another major gist. I HAD A BABY!!!!!! OMG i will recount the whole labor and delivery in another post. That experience deserves an entire post by itself. Just know one thing (to those who aren't moms yet), that experience can NEVER EVER be explained to the fullest. You will only have to experience it yourself sorry. This is the clearest case of "experience is the best teacher" no matter how "cliche" it is. Except you opt for an epidural (I'm def getting dat next) or a choice of doing a Cesarean, please note that labor is no joke. its not even something you cry to..its just PAIN...unbearable pain, with each episode lasting approx 20 seconds. *sigh*

Anyhoo i have the most adorable, independent, cute, ambitious (lol yes i know this already), cranky, handsome, playful young man ever!!!! He is my world, i love him with everything that i am. i cannot even explain the way i feel. Having a child is truly the greatest achievement i believe. I pray every wanting wife/woman will experience this in Jesus name...AMEN.

As usual, i leave u with photos:

At birth 5th of June
a week ago
Both of us this morning lol, i didnt wanna go to work....*sigh* 

ok then bye guys/whoever/spammers