Tuesday, March 15

my first foto editing!! a new profession brewwwingg!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so i'm gonna start being a picture editor soon o! i'll let u know when i'm official and ready for work. i'll work on your pictures for u and make u look flawless. Maybe i'll venture into photography too... who knows *thinking*

Ok so my above foto is the first editing i've just done. it was quite rush rush tho. pls lemme know what u think. do i look flawless? :D

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Friday, March 11

sooooooooooo i put up my first vid up on youtube! check it.

Hey guys! so my webcam on my lappy has been messing up, but i finally go HP support to hook me back up! yaay! i'm a very excited person so already from the office i started recording myself n all. so sha i have uploaded a vid on youtube. go and watch it. if u want insult me o! sha make a comment thr!

heres d link! -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3UVhDEMba4

i'm gonna post it here for u to watch too, but pls still check it on youtube o becos now i only have 1 view and its from me! *sad*



Friday, March 4


Have a lovely weekend kids!


Happy birthday mommmmyyy!!!!! ....it was yesterday sha

my mom's birthday was yesterday!! Happy birthday mommy!

i love that woman so so soooo much. She is everything to me. All my life she has been there for me and my brothers. Even when things have been hard, she never lets it affect us or her love for us. she is so strong. i'm glad she's my mom.

She calls me tunbebe, emily oni kaba (lol), ajiunn etc

love u mama! happy birthday baby!