Monday, September 8

Wellllllll, Tuvie's got a baby bro! LOL

hi bxxxtchessssssssssss! lol ok i'm sorry. Hi guys. Its been almost a year! its been such a roller coaster for me. At some point i felt like a machine...a baby making machine that is lol. I have news.....drumrollllllllllll plssss (as if the post title didnt already give it away lol) My baby boy Tuvie is now a big brother!! Yup, i had another baby boy May this year...i know i know...these things happen.

How's everyone doing though? i'm sure alot has happened in your lives as well. i've missed blogging sha. i've missed ranting and randomly blabbing and typing fast. mostly a lot of personal nonsense but im glad i have pple who like to read my nonsense.

i love u all... i'll return to consistent blogging soon. I must make it like Linda!!

Aren't they cute....Big bro Tuvie, lil bro Tegha



  1. AWWWWWWW...God bless your home. Your boys are so cute! Well done!. Continue to be fruitful and multiply! :D

    1. Amen!!! thanks sweetie! My loyal visitor lol