Saturday, July 23

*siiigggh* heyy

Damn damn DAMN!!!

Hey, I'm now d person dat neva blogs again. Why sef? I've been occupied with some quite interesting things. Interesting in my case doesn't necessarily mean good.

Once again I'm bloggin from my fone which I hate, but I'm jus chillin in my room. Need to go make my hurr sef. Chei I'm broke sha! My car was a victim of d bloody flood dat occurred a few sundays ago, so I spent d money I had n d one I dint have as well. Its been a crazy period for me sha. Some shit dat I wud glady re-live n some I wud rather be burnt n erased from my recent past. Its all good tho.

Writer's block will have to be blamed for me not blogging sha cos realy I dunno.

Jus dropping by. If u hav been checkin here once in a while to see if I hav blogged, sorry to disappoint u o, but I have not been. I'll get my mojo back soon I promise (promise to myself as well).

Ok o. Bye bye.

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