Friday, August 10

Stupid Girl

That is what I am. I am a stooooopid girrrll!

I scream "I wannna be famous and successful" everyday, yet i just sit at this desk and work, work, work. Do not get me wrong i am beyond grateful for my job. I have been here for 7 solid years and will be 8 in January 2013 (I am 25 going on 26 come Nov). However, i just think i am wasting in a sort of way. I mean, i believe i was created for a bigger purpose than this. Like i am supposed to be doing something so damn great! i am all that and a bag of chips o! As in, i totally rock! i don't think there is anything i cannot do. i over believe in myself, but why the hell am i lazy/scared/worried about taking a bold step? I have a friend, any time i talk to her, is when i feel this way lol (I spoke to her today by the way). I cannot understand where she gets her energy from, but believe me, her story is amazing..her story has just begun o becos she is going to really go beyond her own imagination. I know i can be that great and even greater. i KNOW this!!! So what is my problem??? Every year, someone will just be saying "this year will be different AMEN"before you know half of the year will come and not a damn thing is different! Untilllll the end of the year, the prayer will remain the same. O ma ga o.

I am still waiting for that day when i will act. i can be very impulsive........that day is coming soon...........loading..................12%


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