Sunday, September 30

Hmmmmm Chris, karrueche and Rihanna

Hi guys! I'm here just to give u one info. So here I was outta curiosity, (when it comes to this drama, I am totally team karrueche) I noticed that d intimate fotos of Chris and karrueche have stopped coming up online and there has been not tweet from the former to d latter or vice versa. So I went thru karrueche's Instagram followers (yes ALL of them), then I went thru Chris brown's followers (ALL of them too) and finally thru Rihanna 's followers (every single thing) and to my most shocking surprise, Chris and karrueche were no longer following each other meanwhile Chris and Rihanna are now following each other (hot tears).

This makes me so so sad. What is going on here ehn?? Well I will keep stalking as long as my Internet doesn't expire soon.

I will keep you *crickets* posted :)


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