Friday, March 11

sooooooooooo i put up my first vid up on youtube! check it.

Hey guys! so my webcam on my lappy has been messing up, but i finally go HP support to hook me back up! yaay! i'm a very excited person so already from the office i started recording myself n all. so sha i have uploaded a vid on youtube. go and watch it. if u want insult me o! sha make a comment thr!

heres d link! -

i'm gonna post it here for u to watch too, but pls still check it on youtube o becos now i only have 1 view and its from me! *sad*




  1. Ki le leyi? Na wetin you post for you tube be dis? beg remove am sharp sharp!!!

  2. tunmama, this isn't youtube ready naaaa. Where you at work when you did this????