Tuesday, March 15

my first foto editing!! a new profession brewwwingg!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so i'm gonna start being a picture editor soon o! i'll let u know when i'm official and ready for work. i'll work on your pictures for u and make u look flawless. Maybe i'll venture into photography too... who knows *thinking*

Ok so my above foto is the first editing i've just done. it was quite rush rush tho. pls lemme know what u think. do i look flawless? :D

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  1. yes it does look flawless aprt from the shiny head and your skin looks lighter but i know say no be so.lol

  2. I know the original picture...hmmm...flawless after the whole makeup and all

  3. looool looking at this foto now it just looks like i put d picture under d sun for a while LMAO!