Monday, December 19

Rhythm Unplugged comedy show- Sisqo!

So i was on my way back to the island yesterday evening tired as fuck, and then my cousin calls to to ask if i wanted to go for the rhythm uplugged comedy show happening last night. I honestly didnt care bout the show cos all rhythm unppluged shows are usually freaking packed and uncomfy, but as i see awoof na i say ok make i go.

The show was interesting. the comedians were funny as usual. one buchi guy and bovi made me laff like mad. So anyways they announced a surprise performance- Dru Hill. I won't lie, i was like huh?? una career don end for yankee, na naija con remain abi? I sang along to 2 of their songs i knew, and then sisqo performed thong song. People danced and everythin. One funny thing tho is that when he was performing, i was just sayin to myself 'ah it wont be a bad idea to take a foto with this dude o' little did i know dat that thot wud manifest *grinning*

After the show, me n my cousin were going to the car park thru the swimming pool side, and i saw the whole dru hill crew having a quiet dinner or wateva... i was like WAAHHH! right next to me??! hian! i must not let this opportunity pass me by. So i called my friend abdul who works with silverbird tv and begged him to take me there as i was scared of embarrasement.

So i got there all grinning and fucking nervous. I was so shy/scared etc. Guess what sisqo said to me? "awww you have the most beautiful smilee" ehnnnnn i was happyyyyy! and i used dat my red lipstick. oh gerrrd.

Well here is our foto togeda. short man:

ignore my lips'shape. i was nervous i said.
Yayyyy! and now i shall go for the music concert incase just INCASE they go and surprise me with Jay Z or sometin. Person gast dey prepared.

Lemme work.



  1. That's awesome! Just goes to show that you never know....

  2. i knoooooow right!! thanks sweetie

  3. so u went cos of awoof lol.girl u saw sisqa and u was nervous are u kidding me?mehn i would have been showing all my 36 o lol