Thursday, January 20

The Game (rapper) and kids

Ok i'm so not a fan of the Game cos his mouth is too big and yet he's so dumb. He's very bipolar, like there was one time he dissed 50 cent, and den a week later he did a press conference apologizin. or the fact that he has name dropped jay z like 50 million times, just looking for attention and the first time jay uttered his name in a song (what we talkin bout on blueprint3) he was so excited that he dropped a 'diss track' on jay... mumusko. anyways, despite all his shit, i just saw a picture of him and 2 of his kids and its sooo cute i have to post it. check it out.

eyaaa, and he looks responsible in this foto o...CUTE. he has some nice songs too sha...ode boy.



  1. This is a really nice Pic have been a fan of Game for many years and his songs are an wicked... AYO Game all the best homie!! you have a lovely family.. fans from the UK...

  2. Game let me say from the gate you have been a BIG influence in my life not for the negative but the positive aspects.. you have 2 Beautiful kids.. ive recently become a father and i know how much my lil mans means to me... Good luck in the Future p.s Please bring out another Dope Album soon... your no1 fan.. j

  3. It aint (One Blood) no more its 3 xxx!!!! Nice Photo!!!!

  4. Loving the photo.... love u Game xxxx Bekki xx

  5. Well cute photo......... (-'.. Armel x