Tuesday, January 18

Yo, yo, yo!!!!!!! First post of the year!

I am officially wishing you a beautiful and successful new year! i have been on leave, and i had no internet on my laptop so no blogging. i hate blogging from my phone... too annoying abeg..

Soooo, my leave was so relaxing, i gained weight (thanks to my moms), and i watched so many series n movies

. Damn, i really needed that break i tell u. its day 2 only at work, and i already need a vacation. Its so painful to resume after such a relaxing break!! i really have to be a CEO someday soon. Be my own boss, establish my biz and suffer to build it up and get a good team, then i can lounge whenever i want.

 I only went on a 2 week leave o, but it felt like a month! i'm never gonna sell a day of my leave ever again! Spent one week with family, and the d other week back on the island hanging with friends. it was fun sha. i went for 2 weddings as well

i got a new fone!!!!! yaaay! now me to can join the league of bb with flash..lol. Na curve i dey use before, but now i have graduated to a bold2...check dis....a white one!!! Uh huh, daz me right there...

I now resumed and instead of having a fresh table with no work, i am welcomed with backlog!! can u f**king bliv dat?? so here i am, feeling like i never even went on leave. arrrrggghhhh!! Change where r u???? dis is 2011 o!!! i am here waiting ooo!!!


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    Greetings from Italy