Wednesday, January 26

Me and my friend in high skool's fight

Good morning lovers,

so this morning i rembd the fight me and my friend had in secondary skool. I shan't say her real name (tito is wat i will call ha)... we actually fought twice, but this one i remb vividly.

Ok it started like dis.. there was this girl, she was a year our junior, and plenty pple already used to suspect dat she had witchy powers or wateva (God i hope she neva finds dis blog...i still dey fear her small). So sha this day, me and 2 of my frmds were gisting on our bunks, den we wanted to drink coke n fanta. So we called the closest junior (the babe), she was on her bed pretending to sleep i think...doing amebo with our gist. We sha called her, i asked for coke, vick asked for fanta n tito asked for sprite (i think). So d babe went to get the drinks, she bot me my coke, bot vick her fanta and bot tito a dis is where the wahala started. Jus to say, tito is a very sweet girl o, as in she doesnt like wahala at all, but that day she must have been high on somn cos she was really acting

So d babe said she bot the 7up becos there was no sprite, den tito asked her why she didnt come to confirm first (on a normal day tito wud hav just collected it n said thank she sha told the babe to go back and get her somn else or so..u shud have seen d look this babe gave my frnd. me n vick were just laffing but scared at d same time. the babe sha went back and came with something stupid again! lmaoo! it was so funny. but at this time tito had vexxedd so she told d babe to go back AGAIN to get her money back. this babe looked at tito and had HATE all over her face...but she went back. she finally came back and we told her to go.

Moments later, the 3 of us decided to go and wash our clothes (this was a saturday in boarding house), so we left the 2nd dorm to go to the 3rd dorm to look for buckets. tito entered the dorm first, and there was this bucket at the end by the wall, and she was heading for the trying to be a bully shouted from behind her *i'm taking dat bucket o* it was still like play play until we started dragging for the bucket. Oh boy sometin that started like play play became fight o! i'm telling u.

We went back to the 2nd dorm to go and finish our argument. We had never had such an argument before. Vick was jus lookin at us trying to settle fight. I followed tito to her corner still trying to collect the bucket from her. By then our voice was increasing in she den was tryin2 push me out of her corner and i refused! i sat on her bed... lmao!! ok here it goes...i dont know who slapped who first but i think she did. all i know is dat i was hearing i was in a faaar place! even my eyes didnt open quickly. after getting myself, i slapped her back! me i have dry skin so i'm sure my slap hurt her more! *dancing*.

At this moment, the boys from their dorm were aware of our bruhaha, and there was dis boy dat was my good frnd and he liked tito den, so pple and their stupid mouth started saying we were fightin for him! imagine d arrant nonsense. him too later told me dat i shud say the truth that we were fighting for

Sha sha, wen it died down, someone told me they saw d witchy babe on her bed laughing really hard while we were fighting, so till date, me i say it was her!!

Me n tito's fight didnt get to the next day was dat same night...cant really remb how it ended tho..

***vick or tito, if u are reading dis, please i stand to be corrected in some areas as this incident happend like 10yrs ago wen we were in SS2 or so***

ok o, i'm out. i'm going for lunch..



  1. OMG! Rotflmao! See woozing. Tito** is not a violent person. You musta had it coming!

  2. Lmao! U gals are crazy. Buy your own bucket next time, Bully! I'm pretty sure u got what u deserved :p

  3. lmfao chai tunz i cant just imagine you fighting cos of bucket.with the whole 'witch' thing,it sounds like a movie lmao

  4. loll @ anon 10:13am! do i know u? how did i have it coming o abeg?