Friday, May 20

Always Angry

hi megs n gregs,

sooo i have this friend, she told me this morning of how she's always angry.. well babe (hoping u read dis) i saw an angry post somewhere on the internet, and i'm sure after you read it, you will see that yo situation isnt so bad and u will either try to think of good times in yo life and not be angry always or, you will decide to become i hope u do the former (you can always call me up sha and scream at me, then i'll scream right back and you'll prolly feel a little ok so here is a post some angry child put on the internet. It even hurt my eyes to read it men, sheeesh i almost got angry sef. here it goes:

I'm Always Angry

Every fucking day of my life is tainted with shit.I hate everyone I fake empathy I don't fucking care about you and your fucking perfect life WHY THE FUCK do you all bother NOBODY FUCKING BELIEVES ME
I'm going fucking crazy
I can't do shit
yeah mum I seem happy whenh i'm around you
cos I fucking fake it cos your a fucking sad twat aswell and I'm trying to help you

nobody fucking wants to help me


hate you all

I'm starving myself cutting myself

wanting to fucking kill myself but nobody fucking cares or notices or does anything

all I do is help you fucking cunt face wank shits and what the fuck do I get back more fucking misersry and shit thats what

i hate it I can never have what I want

everything I want is ;like fucking impossible or somthing but everyone else gets too

I hope my bus crashes tomorrow and I just go into a coma then you fuckers will be sorry

i'm too young to feel like this and I know it

it's not my fault it's not anybodys but i'm fucking mentally ill and nobody fucking cares or notices or gives a shit about me or anybody...

so girl, what's it gonna be?? lol

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