Tuesday, May 24

If you want something different, do something different

hmmmmmmmmmmm....very serious statement. My friend Lola says this a lot.

People (including myself) talk about wanting something new all the time (eg. dis is my year!, i'm tired of this job, i'm tired of my bf/gf, i want something new....blah blah). a year later, go back to that same person and the person is still in the same position he/she was they year before...

Its easy as in very easy to say what you want...i mean, all u have to do is say it now.. but to actually do it is the problem. Most times people (me) are afraid of failing..i'm serious o. But that mentality is awful, and with that mentality, you can only stay in one poistion. You can be in that position for years and years and prolly even die in that position (God forbid).

Anyways, i need a new excitement in my life. things are getting quite boring and i'm not feeling it no more.

This time i'm serious!! d forces are with me!!

See u on the other side pple.....


  1. I tagged you in a post on my blog. Empty your bag lady!!!

  2. lol, ok jus saw it. i'll do mine once i have the time...