Friday, May 27

life it from a stuff

Hey guys,

I saw this from a blog - and i like it....check it out.

• Never expect people to be aware of your needs or wants. ASK! 
• Never judge people by their appearance…have met angels in the humblest of appearances. 
• Always spell out what u are worth, or think u are worth…else people will ‘de-value’ u. 
• When/if u truly love someone-family, friend, what-ave-u, tell them whenever you can…u never can tell how long they will be around. 
• What goes around surely comes around, some of us are just lucky to have stepped out when ‘it’ comes around. 
• Never smell what you don’t intend eating. 
• Age is perhaps the most irrelevant basis of relating with people. There are adults with the heart of a child, there are children whose wisdom surpass their age, and there are people whose number of years is directly proportional to their level of stupidity. 
• When someone does not love you, let the heavens fall, sell ur soul, jump of the bridge, kill ur mother...It can’t, won’t, shan’t…change a thing! 
• Form when you need to… 
Act cream when u have to… 
Act chick when its necessary… 
But most importantly…be as RAZZ as possible when the situation calls for it. 
There are times when forming and creaminess will only get u into trouble. 
Besides, razzness can be really 

• Never go to bed without saying your prayers! 
• Find time to have fun and be with loved ones…time is too short. 
• Dare to be different! 
• Don’t ever order a meal just cos it appears nice in the other person’s plate. 
• If you meet someone you like, tell the person and walk away. u never know… 
• Never put all the cash you have on u in a wallet or purse… 
Never put all valuables (phones, ipod, atm) in ur bag. Keep stuffs in separate pockets. 
And ‘vex money’ is the most important thing to hold when going out on a date with any guy! 
• Never assume anything, especially in relationships…clarify/state things out in black and white! 
• Happiness will never be found by searching…it just comes to one. 
• It’s always better to walk away when angry…I have never tried this, but am sure it works.


  1. yer cool and so true but the walking away when angry part its hard sometimes jare.

  2. thanks..totally forgot bout that post.