Monday, December 20

Crazy fuunnn weekend! love u princess n precious! mwwaahhh

precious, princess n me
hello sweetess! how was ur weekend? mine was maadd! my cousins came over, my friend Busayo was around as well and we had so much fuunn! went out, chilled at was fun sha.. lemme post pictures.
precious playin table hockey
busayo n precious...see her

dis was such a funny view! lmao
busayo was so swift!
princess grown now

see thing is a sport on its own...damn

lol...see princess lookin so so serious
hot tottiess

i love dis...we look soo fresh
after being so scared she's still posing...silly girl

More to come!


scardy cat!


  1. Sesan Lawson[mum 3Ps]December 20, 2010 at 3:09 PM

    Waoh! so much fun. Wish i was there especially to climb the wall in one go!
    Tunrayo, you have always been an angel, am loving you more for filling in the gap, God bless and protect you always. I shall surely play my part with time.
    Merry xmas my dear.

  2. when u come home, we'll all go there! i love dem soo much...merry xmas to ma! kissess

  3. Had so much fun. Thanks Geneva!

  4. its GET ARENA, on your way to Shoprite coming from Ozumba, you wont miss it. its on your right... you can race cars, they have a lounge where u can just relax, den there is an arcade spot where we did all dis our agbaya happy new years baby!