Friday, December 17

tattoos............i'm soooo getting one

Sup my lovas....yo, what do you guys think about tattoos? i wanna get one, and i will get one...i want something simple, maybe jus a music sign, or do d rihanna style and get a few stars?? i dunno sha.. see some crazy and cool tattoos:

dis is cute

this is too much, my mom wud kill me!

i like..


hmmmm *thinkin*

lai lai! i dey crase?? lol

soooo, which?



  1. Actually thinking of getting one too. why not try this.......your name(Tunmama, Tunrayo or Geneva)round your right wrist or letter T on your index finger....

  2. hmmmmmm i'm gettin u jare...yeah, either tunmama or jus T sounds awesome... lets get it d same time love..

  3. so am not the only one thinking abt getting one.i like Rhi rhi's (Rhianna) def getn one though

  4. lets d 3 of us go get tattoos in january jo!!!! start of the year by being bold!

  5. i love the brass knukes and gun and asian symbols, very awesome

  6. Please tunmama when you are getting one, do get one close to the daring part... Lol.
    Beside have any yet?

  7. Hey freebrowsing, I actually did get one!! Sometime in feb n yep, its at a daring spot. Lol. I want more too :D

  8. i av always loved tatoo but i wonder wat the world wld say especially becos am a doctor...really wld love to have one or 2 stars on my going for it jare