Friday, December 17

my darlinnssss i missed u! + Never let ur past control ur future..

heellllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! eku o jo metta!! ah!! me that i used to blog like 50 times a day and now i havent blogged since my bday.. hmmm could it be my new age resolution to stop blogging? lol. Nah, never shall i stop.

so i've been living life as usual, plenty priorities, plenty fun, and so on. work has also been ok. I kuku didnt get an i-pad for my birthday, despite how i sang it in everyone's ear, natin. e pain me gan o, but i'm still hopeful cos i want dat tin die!

I tot of something this morning. a statement- NEVER LET YOUR PAST CONTROL YOUR FUTURE. its a very easy thing to tell people, but its very difficult to apply to yourself. When you have experienced something in the past, it becomes a part of you, and that is all you know. you have not had it another way, so when ur future happens, u can only think of how the past was and u react based on that (either by building walls, acting cold, being unfriendly, gettin paranoid etc). Its unfair to the future, but unfortunately the future has to prove itself to be worth breaking those walls for. Its really sad how things happen these days you know....

That part mostly applies to relationships, but in terms of business, you personally have to be strong and tell yourself that the past is gone and the future is what is important. i read dis article online. here it is:

All too often, I have seen that a person's past controls their future. 
I have seen it in my own life, where people would criticize me and tell me that I was worthless and would not amount to anything. 

I have also seen it in others lives as well. The person who used drugs and feels there is no way to stop. The Gambler who doesn't feel they can quit. The sexual addict or shopaholic who can't stop their behavior. The workaholic who feels that their job is their very existence and without it, they would be a nobody. Aftere all, these people have thought that their situations are permanent, and once in them, they can never get out of them. This is, I see, a sad view on life today. 

We don't have to let our past life and actions control or dictate what will happen to us today or next week or next year or in the years to come. 

God gives each one of us the ability to change the way we live. It is ours for the asking. 

What we need to do is to reprogram our minds, thoughts emotions and actions. We need to reflect on what we were doing and ask ourselves this question- Is what I was or am still doing now bringing me peace, joy and contentment in my life? 

If your answer is "no", then I urge you to reflect on what needs to be done in your life to change and break the bonds of the negative situations that have been in control of your life. 

You and I can change and make our lives better- There is Hope. 

My hope is in God's will and desire to change me and make me a better person. I know I want that in my life. What about you? 


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