Thursday, November 17

Beyonce is such an amazing woman!

This woman definitley planned out her whole life on paper and is now living her dreams. Everything just seems too perfrct for her. Its scary tho cos now i'm just at the edge like something is just going to happen, But i seriously doubt it. She and Jay Z are two amazing artists and seem like two amazing people. I loved Jay z even before i liked beyonce and now the two of my most awesome ppel are together. Its explosive men.

I have been anticipating the video for my most fav song on her album 'End of Time', expecting it to be all sorts of awesomeness, but she ended up compiling some of her stage performaces of the song and turned it into a video. I still love it. Its funny that she kept touching her tummy whenever she said 'i will be your baby' and no one noticed until she finally announced at the VMAs. oh well. Here is the video for 'End of Time'and also the video for 'I was here' 

'I Was Here'

'End Of Time'

This her I Was Here video is somehow as if she tryna retire...abi whats up with beyonce showing us intimate videos of her?? even a glimpse of her real wedding dress/day?? hmmm


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