Monday, November 14

what a weekend! - My girl Lola is gettin married!!

 Hello babies!!

i had a very eventul weekend. My weekend started from Friday evening. I left work a bit early cos i had to get to festac for my girl's fashion show. Her name is Lola, her fashion line is called Lola Buttons. She organized an  exhibition + fashion show called 'Le Voisinage' which means 'The Neighborhood'in french.

After picking up my crazy friends yewande and yetunde, we made it to festac after approx 2hours on the road. i had to change outta my work clothes into the event's outfit under one very funny.

So the show was a success!! its her first of i hope many in the future. Pics:

W4 performed

dats me o. not on the runway sha..too fat

This my Lola babe is so skinny yet she has so much energy ehn. She is getting married next weekend o! i'm sooooo super excited ehn! This is an eye opener for the rest of us her friends o. All of us still feeling single and sexy and all, we will all now have to start planning how we too will walk down dat damn aisle (men, we are ready u can start proposing :) )

So after the fashion show ended around 10pm we all went to chill at our various chilling spots (me and some frnds lodged at a hotel cos it was gon be a long wknd). Then at around 11pm or was it 12am, we all went to the club. We kicked off at a club called Grasshoppers in festac, and we were there for a while. it didn't start off really fun, but my by the time we were ready to go to another club, we had had the time of our lives! it was so obvious dat the club felt us and that they prolly have neva had a crowd so fly like ours. so many hot n sexy chics who wouldnt stop dancing.. lol.

From there we went to another club called Pearl Harbor where we danced more and more. i really enjoyed that one cos there was a mirror in front of us, so one was able to see how much of a good/bad dancer she was...(yáll know ur girl held it down ;). We left the club at 4 or 5am, went back to our rooms and slept.

Now saturday, we Lola's friends had a Bridal shower surprise planned for her which she knew nothing about. We had it somewhr in satellite town, and it was a HUGE success! We had her fiance bring her over in the evening, and she was def surprised. there was so much tears and lafter and drinking and fighting (i was involed in all above mentioned i'm an all rounder). The build up to the shower was chaotic, but we thank God that it went well even tho we started hoursss late.

From there, we all went down to the island for more clubbing. We went to Deuces night club and had some more fun. By this time, my knees were basically gone. I was in heels for quite a while dat weekend and i didnt find it funny at all! Pics:

our bride!

advice session...

bride and chief bridesmaid

me and my bestie :) plus one mad babe peeping by the side lol

So yesterday (sunday) was a sleeping-in day for me. My day didn't start until 8pm. i went to do my hair, and after dat saw a movie "Columbiana". that was such a lovely movie. Zoe Saldana is an amazing actress (meanwhile i heard ysterday that her and her bf of 11yrs who got engaged only last year have now broken up) na wa for this life and relationships. God please let us find love that will last despite all odds.

Well there you have it. I had a wonderful weekend...hope you did too :) i can't wait for next weekend (the wedding) for some more fun!



  1. all I can see in allof this post is that backside picture of u! Geesus is indeed Lord!

  2. LMAO! u are a very unserious woman.

  3. you sure had fun and by the way ur back side has weekend was spent in bed sick mehn.