Monday, September 26

Ok Nicki, pls STOP IT!!!

I love Nicki Minaj so much! infact i have had different bbm names which were stolen from her plenty names 'Roman Zolanski', 'Roman', ok its the same thing. Anyways i love her alot.

Initially i was a complete fan of the total 'Nicki Minaj' package, but now its just her music. She is freaking talented and her rapping skills and lyrics just get me all the time. Infact i sang/rapped 'Super Bass' last night during karaoke, and before leaving the bar, i got called 'nicki minaj' by a few fans *blushing*

Anyhoo, this is where i am taking my gist. The girl dresses like a FOOOOL! haba c'mon! there are many fashion statements one can make but nicki is takin it far jo. The other day she had a pretzel pendant and i was like wetin be dis, but the latest is now a 'chicken wing' pendant. like really are u kidding me? she has dressed in a lot of foolish ways in the past, but this chicken wing pendant really got me. lol. See for urself:

Oya nicki we have heard ooo! u are the black lady gaga or wateva it is u are aiming for. Keep dropping dem hits tho ;-)

Roman! *u see Roman* lol