Monday, September 26

Michelle Obama is such a hottie!

Gosh dis dress is soooooo beautiful!! Michelle's dress sense is so on point! as in she's always looking so modern and young and chic! unlike other president's wives who always bliv they must look old and out-dated.

Check this out:

Simply gorgeous!!!



  1. Michelle is so hot i just wanna squeeze her titties!!!

  2. Yeah, girl be so hot she be sportin a Hottentot Apron!!!
    Check it out!!
    Check out Google images for "Hottentot Venus". Absolutely amazin. Remine me of hot August afternoons when as a ten year old living in Utah and browsing through Daddio's National Geographics, I'd just sit and think, think, think about the wonderfullness of life and bein amazed that I might actually be of the same species as these paragons of African pulchritude. Memories. Gone but not forgotten!!! Never forget!!!