Wednesday, September 7

Not new 'News' i know but Beyonce is pregggsss!

 Sup Sup!

This is coming late cos i obviously have not been blogging, but it is worthy to be blogged about at any point in time up on till she delivers! :-p

Beyonce don get bellleee!! For some reason this is considered as one of my high moments of 2011. Apart from Watch the Throne being released, this is d most exciting thing for me this year. God help me. Its not even something regarding my own life that is exciting me like this.

So anyways lemme relay my own 'experience' of finding out bey was preg:

See her tryna hide it...cute
The VMAs is a show i love to watch, but not as much as BET cos i prefer to watch an award show dat each category of nominations are people i'm familiar with. eg at Grammys, i really don't giv a shit about the country music category and VMAs all dem rock rock categories don't concern me. i like rock, but i just couldn't be bothered by who wins or who's nominated.

So anyways it was on a Sunday/Monday nyt i think (29th of August), and i obviously had work the next day. I must have sensed beyonce's announcement from within me cos why wud i wanna stay up late for the VMAs :-s when i have work the next day?. So sha i don't have dstv in my room, so i begged my neighbor to let me watch and promised not to disturb their sleep. So i  slept dat nyt and woke up at 1am (show was to start at 2).

Sha sha, naija's dstv is a few minutes late to the actual live show, so as i was watching, i was also checking for updates on twitter. I got the news first on twitter and already started seeing pictures of Bey touching her tummy from the red carpet. I was too excited. MAD EXCITED! as in there had been rumors in d past, but this was actually real. instantly i put up the pic as my bb display pic. as in i wanted to screeeeeaaaammm but sadly i already promised my neighbor that there would be no noise. damn!

So finally it was my turn to watch the performance of the year. Beyonce started the performance of her song 'Love On Top' by saying "Tonight i want you to stand up on your feet, I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me". i almost stood up in the anyways so i watched the performance, and at the end, she dropped the mic, unbuttoned her jacket and started rubbing her tummy.
It was as if it was my best friend or sister up there. the joy i felt had no bounds. oh wow, i was happy sha. They now showed Jay z in the crowed! The expression on his face was just too priceless. I belive the extra happiness was the fact that they were finally able to express the joy they have been concealing from the public for a while, in public! Kanye West too was with Jay, and he just keep pushing the guy obviously happy as well. Men it was a sweet moment. The crowd went madd. I'm sure lil wayne n his mumu crew wud have felt stupid after the recent "kidnap ur bitch" line he said in one song on his album..mchew.

Anyways, there u have it. i am a very happy fan..and i will keep updating pictures of her until she delivers the baby and beyond..


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