Friday, September 23

ok so i tried this hair-bow fashion thing babes are doing now. :D

I think i pulled it off......abi? : D

I'll buy somn with colors next time. This was just a belt thing from one of my

Have a nice weekend! (no one kuku comes here anymore so i'm talkin to myself)



  1. nice bow tie. looks good on you!

  2. was it the band itself u bought or the scarf u bought and tied into a bow?

  3. thanks anon 10:15 am! martha, its jus a long rope looking fabric from one of my random outfits at home i used o. i initially tied it round my waist to work den wanted to put it away in my bag but i now tried dis and it looked ok/funny so i kept it dat way all day :-) that's how fashion starts o. lol

  4. LOL! I like the last comment. Good way to make people feel guilty and force them to comment. Don't worry- I know what you mean. LOL!! and Yes the hair band looks cool- cooler than some other ones actually from the angle the picture was taken. All the same, its pretty.

  5. hahaha. thanks missy tee. happy i got ur attention. and thanks for the compliment kisses