Friday, November 4

its my bestest friends bday!!!! and also my Blog is 1 today!!!

Guess who's in d building?!?!?..................................................ME!!!

its my bestest friends bday today! i love her too damn much. We fight like fools every time, but we can never be enemies. its impossible. Happy Birthday baby! her name is Shola.

I also started my blog today a year ago, so Happy Birthday to ''I Please Me''!!! Thanks to all of you who have been to my blog either just once or over and over. I blog to please myself, but its good to know dat i have pple who are interested in reading wateva i have to write. Love u guys so much.

Here are some pics of d bday gurlll:

yea, break ur necks

sexy mama jamma

love love love!

Roman Rouge!


  1. Happy Birthday to your friend and I Please Me...good to have you back.

  2. Happy One Year Anniversary of Your Blog! I hope you have a good day with my Aunty Shola!

  3. Happy Anniversary "I Please Me"

  4. Happy Birthday 'I Please Me!' Congratulations on your 1-year :)

  5. Ps. You are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks soo much ladies!!

    Special thanks to HoneyDame, good to kno u missed me :p :*

    Mahogany!! Thanks my darling for dat lovely compliment but is it me u're refering to or my frnd. :( lol

  7. LOL! At your comment Tunmama
    Happy birthday x2!!!

    Have fun darl!