Tuesday, November 8

blogging from my fone...hate it tho

Hello sweetcakes!

I dunno why I'm even blogging on my fone, cos I really don't have sh*t to say, but maybe cos I'm up at dis time sha.

So I'm up, doing a lil brainstorming and loving it. Its good for your brain to be active at least u know u're very much alive and can be useful even if not to the society akleast to urself. I have dis little rat checkin up on me every other minute. I'm shit scurred but pretending not to be. Thank God there's light at least I can see everyy.

Baraka de Sallah ooo! Mennn to think I just resumed from my leave last week and already this week I have 2days off. Awesome awesome! Life goes back fully by next week tho :( *we human beings are never satisfied sha* infact even last week dat I resumed I was hardly in the office cos there was this Logistics West Africa exhibition that my office took part in, so a few of us (thank God I was included) had to go be at the stand at eko hotel and it was very interesting. I cud do that more...my boss shud start sending me abroad o jare to go n be repping d company in places like spain n co! Demmit!

Ok I'm gonna finish dis movie I started since yesterday. Its old sha but its my fox time seeing it (higher learning- Omar Epps, tyra banks, ice cube, busta rhymes n co)

I've just been blabbing since. Dis post has no head or tail.

Gd nyt/morning my loved ones.



  1. lol....Thatt's ok Tunmama...I still odnt know how u people manage to type so much on your phone

  2. Girrrrl! U don't sleep? Lol. Its not hard o, its jus annoying

  3. hehehehhehe....
    I am in faraway China where it is 11.26am right now!So I live in the future.

  4. lol tunz the post sha doesn't have head or tail but its ok your ramblings are very interesting sometimes lol
    @honeydame wetin u dey do for china,nigerians we are sha everywhere