Wednesday, February 16

lil kim releases her mixtape 'Black Friday" (kills nicki minaj on album

Lil Kim has released her mixtape 'Black Friday'. She released a single ending of last year titled Black Friday in reference to Nicki Minaj's Prink Friday album. Now the album cover is so very controversial. I'll put up both album covers:

Nicki's album cover

Lil Kim's album cover...(shows her after she slaughtered nicki)

You can see lil kim didnt go in lightly, she went ALL IN!! like WTF, she literally murdered nicki minaj.

I truly bliv nicki wont respond shud jus drop it jare... i love em both. i like kim's album cover


  1. Poor Kim! She's riding the coat tail of Nicki Minaj! Make it stop - I'm sad for her... Have you heard this interview:

  2. yer like mahogany says 'poor kim'.really i think kim is too old to be dissing kids like Nicki really.she really needs to drop it,they are both hot there really shouldn't be any competition,should there?

  3. poor kim indeed! I cant help to think its even staged lol. cos all nicki has done is to help make kim relevant again. Her Naked Truth album was awesome...dats d last good thing she's done.

    I like them both a lot so wateva ends it is cool with Like really i've been listening to old kim and dang she good! and nicki is jus on anoda level of awesome.

  4. yeah mahogany i've hrd d interview nicki is crazy tho, but i put my money on kim anyday if it comes to the streets. i think kim is more hrdcore..

  5. I think nicki Minaj is just straight up garbage...tunnie you can quote me on that anyday. Have you forgotten, real hiphop is always recognised. Kim is the baddest female MC to have done it in a long time not counting them queen latifah, m.c lyte n them. Minaj??? please...! with those her fake rhymes...if you can gimme one jam she has that made sense, i'll take all of this back.

  6. fuck you dumb ass bitch minaj all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! kim is old, and done with, she had her time, let some one else take the crown that is rightfuly theirs