Wednesday, February 9

salt isnt good for our bodies! i love salt!! *sigh

I love salt so much, I always use extra salt in my food all d time. I'm always told dat its bad, but now that I jus registered at a gym, I'm becoming a health freak. My money cannot go2 waste. Here's a little somn I read on salt giving u hypertension, and raising ur blood pressure or wateva:

Health Tip: Cut Down on Sodium

Many foods and recipes include lots of salt (sodium), which can raise your blood pressure.

The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute suggests how to cut down on sodium in your diet:

Purchase vegetables that are fresh, canned or frozen without any added salt.

Stick to fresh meat, fish and poultry instead of processed or canned products.

Season foods with salt-free seasonings, spices and herbs. Avoid instant pastas, rice and other foods with prepackaged seasonings.

If you do eat canned foods, rinse the contents to wash off some of the sodium.

Avoid prepared foods such as frozen pizzas or entrees.

Buy lower-sodium varieties of your favorite foods.

So there u go! Eat less salt *note2 self***


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  1. babe so ur just waking up from your slumber,lol.of cos salt is bad for your health especially in hot weather like Nigeria