Monday, February 21

what is your life's purpose?

do you know what your life purpose is? Are u living the way you wish to? Are you happy with what you are doing? How old are u? Are u happy with your past? Are u confident of your future? what are u currently doing with your life?

If you cannot answer any of those questions above then welcome to a life of confusion. I find it hard to answer those questions myself. i'm not sure what is going on but i know i can do better.

It is well with me...i need time alone to ponder on so many things. like seriously



  1. I feeeeeel you on this post! YESS! Good but scary to know I am not alone... what we are all just lost... Do you believe all this searching is only meant to lead us to Him?

  2. by him you mean jesus right? well what do u say to a muslim?

  3. Seriously i have asked myself all these questions and some i can answer some i can't.but am still asking and searching for answers.

  4. Good point Tunmama - I know nothing about being a Muslim but perhaps I'd say the same to a Muslim, perhaps all the searching is meant to lead a Muslim to the Holy Qu'ran like it should lead me, a Christian, to the Holy Bible. And by Him I mean God, who for a Muslim would be Allah. // The answers that I fail to see always seem to be written there in God's word... But even knowing that, I still fail to see, read, have faith, and believe... Am I making sense? I hope so, I'm sorry and I'm confused myself but am trying to say: What if this searching for our purpose ends (and begins) with our religion and us learning and practicing what we are instructed to... The world will always be a crazy place but what if our peace is in our God or Allah as well as our purpose which is supposed to ultimately lead us to God or Allah? Forgive me for my ignorance and babbling. //I just believe there is more to life than our common confusion. Regardless of our beliefs we are in similar boats wondering our purpose... hoping for more and better...searching for answers. When you find yours be sure to drop me (and Martha) some hints :)

  5. u are very right my dear and i agree completely. i'm as confused as u if not more. the question now becomes, is it until you die before you find the answer to all these questions? cos even the most religious pastor or alfa in the world is only human. its easier for every one to have an opinion about other people's lives, but wen it comes to your own personal life its like u neva can answer it.

    Its really crazy, but i jus think these questions can never be answered fully. weneva ur confused, jus go to your comfort zone what ever / wherever it is, and do what you know how to do to regain yourself - either its prayers, music, food (lol), u know watever (now i hope I'M making sense)...

    God is the ultimate point of peace as far as i'm concerned. Thanks for ur points and contributions darling.