Wednesday, February 9

my Horoscope for today.....very on point

Are you hoping for a personal transformation of some kind, Sagittarius? Do you wish to remodel your psyche to be less fearful, less indulgent, more confident, more financially secure, or even more attractive? These things are all within your grasp. You have a very, very strong mind - one of the strongest in fact. But to transform yourself, you need to spend some time in your cocoon figuring out you want to change and how to go about achieving it. A metamorphosis can take place in your life now. Embrace that possibility with typical Sagittarian practicality and you'll get the most out of it.

This is very true, becos firstly I jus registered at the gym yesterday (d attractive part), less fearful, less indulgent, more confident and financially secure. Dis is soo talkin to me! Like seriously. So now I'm jus gonna be in my cocoon and figure myself out. I seriously do not need any irrelevant distraction...So help me God.


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