Tuesday, February 22

Tattoos........yes i will talk about it again!!!

OH GODDD! i want a tattoooo ooooo!!! pls hold it! dont tell me i have talked about it too much.. yeah yeah i will talk about it as much as i damn well please.!!

oya sorry please tell me to go ahead and do it. i dunno y i'm scared of doing it. like i'm scared that if i do it before finding my husband, will it affect me finding a husband? But u know what, ultimately, if he cant like me with my tats, den he can go to hell. i'm a complete package so like me with my tattoos! (damn i'm still not convinced! arrgggh!)

ok my next post about tattoos will be me telling u i got one..i promise.

Kelly Rowland popped her tattoo cherry on her 30th birthday..i love dat shes gettin all bold now and doing wateva she wants. here's a pic of her tat:

kelly rowland


I'mm getting a tattoooo *dancing*


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