Thursday, October 13

bored pple are boring pple

People who say they are bored all the freaking time are actually freaking boring people. Imagine being with a group of people and u can still open ur mouth to say u're bored and even when you are alone u are also bored. What kind of life is dat one?

Is there ever a time when you are not bored?? Some mumu people will send  broadcast on bb to say 'I'm Bored'. Are u mad?? dats very funny sha.

I always have something to do sha. infact i prefer to be alone most times. I'm not saying u are not allowed to be bored, but not all the time naaa haba.

i'm done ranting..bye bye



  1. well i know one person who is always bored sha lmao.kpele next time they send u bcs saying they are bored tell them to go get a job

  2. lol...r u calling me a boring pesin?!!!! Frankly, sometimes I enjoy my own company. But give me novels and the internet....boring/bored will not even be in my vocab for that period.