Monday, October 10

Music-----J. Cole, Beyonce, Jay Z n Kanye, Damoche, Rihanna,

Here are a list of songs i'm loving right now.

From bey's album:

'End of Time'
'Love on Top'

From J. Cole's album:

'Daddy's Little Girl' (my fav)
'Cheer Up'
'Work Out'
'Mr Nice Watch feat Jay Z'
'In the Morning feat Drake'
'Lost Ones'

From Rihanna's album:

'Man Down' (1st fav)
'Cheers (Drink to dat)' (2nd fav)
'Stick Up'

From Jay n Kanye Watch the Throne:

'New Day'
'Welcome to the Jungle' (my fav)
'That's My Bitch'
'Gotta Have it'
'Niggas in Paris'
'No Church in the Wild'

Then random other songs are:

ASS (remix) - Big Sean feat Nicki Minaj
Damoche (he has 2 crazy songs dat are so vulgar n i love them so much!!) hes nigerian...reminds me a lot of terry G
Feel Da Vybe - Teeto Ceemos feat Wizkid
Back When - Davido feat Naeto C
Oluwa Lo Ni- Wizkid
4 My Town - Birdman feat Drake n Lil Wayne

I think dats it for now. I love music sha!!


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  1. 3/4 of these are exactly what I've been bumpin for a minute! Good stuff!