Tuesday, October 11

ooook so i saw this on Missy Tee's blog n i liked it so i'm doing my own

What a long ass title...lol.

love dis...buha! *she didn't use dis o. dis na me

i got the idea from hurr: http://missytees.blogspot.com/2011/09/day-26-things-you-like-and-dislike.html

Ok so this is like a list of things i like n dislike bout myself:

things i like about me:

- i'm playful
- i'm a tomboy more dan i'm a gurl
- i'm a good friend (i think)
- i don't dwell on issues and negative stuff
- i don't think before i speak (yes i like dis)

Things i hate about me:

- i trust pple damn too quick
- i get cranky too often
- i can be irresponsible 
- i can be very nonchalant bout lots of important stuff
- i don't take good care of my properties e.g. my car

 dat is all...bye bye