Sunday, October 23

yo! lemme gist u guys small bout ghana

Hey guys,

So i've been posting pics upon pics upon pics with no talk.

I'm on leave for 2 weeks and will be resuming work on the 1st of Nov. i'm so happy i took this leave cos i've been working all year non stop. i still have my remaining 2weeks for the year tho so i'll take it around dec, but not leaving the country.

i'm so happy i traveled abroad for this leave (yup abroad).. Ghana has been so much fuuun!. Came with my friend Bimbo and i'm soooooooooooo glad we came together. she is so much fun altho we fight every other minute but its still worth it.
dats bims cousin n her son

we arrived here wednesday the 18th in the evening, and since den we have been to a beach bar, a botanical garden (seeing all sorts of weird trees) we even bumped into Atta Mills wife at the garden (ghana's first lady) and we didnt kno who she was until we started making noise and her bodyguards asked us to shut

we're staying with bimbo's sexy cousin and she's so nice. she has dis cute stubborn son and i love him so gonna miss him wen i leave.

we've also been to the beach, a night club, another party for bimbo's cousin's co-workers send off (see connection), then had a wonderful buffet this morning at Golden Tulip Hotel.

We still have the cape coast (whr slaves were taken back in the days) then a waterfall spot and also a zoo to check out and i hope we cover it all before i bounce on the 26th.

Anywayyyyyyyyyy dats all for now...cheers

we took this pic in front of the previous prez's house kufour or so