Tuesday, October 11

throwback fotos....enjoy if u currr

me n my kid bro...sb. love him too much. wahala child tho. dis was last yr

me n my dawg doyin. she' crase well well. i think 2008 or 2009
karaoke madness 09 or so

gettin my kardashian on...uhn uhn wah. *ignore the shoe..i was testin d dress :|

a very blurry beyonce on stage in lagos...06 i think

anoda attepmt at snapping beyonce

oh gerd! my love jay z.. too blurry. in lagos as well. i cried n sang along i swear

see as i lean like he's my man..lol. d sme thisday festival show as above *see my face like i'm suffereing :(

weird woman

me n some friends. daz 2face's kid bro right thurr..06

beach tinzz 09

sexy musician to be. stil tryna decide d genre tho..lol no future for dis side men

And i'm gone!



  1. Nawa o!!! 2 Pinshures pere! uhm..so kid bro...how old is kid bro? Married? engaged? In a committed relationship? iKid iKid

  2. aww, ok because of u ehn, i'll add more fotos. he's a smallie o! me alone i'm 24 so imagine how young he is. lol

  3. nice photos.i like the beach one plenty booty looool

  4. JESUS!!!!! Was that you in the beach picture with the J-lo type bakassi?!!!! I fear!
    Let Annie Macaulay and the other babymamas catch you for that tuface pinshure, se you hia!
    Thanks for adding more jare!

  5. lmao @honeydame yuup its my azzzzzz. make dem baby mamas go siddown jo... 2face na my padi :D *famzest*

    Thanks mahogany n martha *kisses*