Sunday, January 8

Blue Ivy Carter! Congrats Bey & Jay!!!

Beyonce and Jay Z's baby is soooooo born!!!! Was gonna chill on blogging bout this till I got a foto but I know that is very loooong so no need to wait. I'll do anoda post wen I have a foto (I hope that wont be when she's like 5years old or somn lol)

So her name is BLUE IVY CARTER. I'm guessing the BLUE has somn to do with Jay z n his numerous Blueprint albums, and IVY cud mean Roman numerals IV which means 4 which is a very significant number for the duo. Jay was born dec 4 bey was born sept 4, Tina Knowles (bey's mom) was born January 4, and bey's fourth solo album that dropped last year June 28th was titled '4'! Beyonce and Jay Z also have matching tattoos on their ring finger IV.

Sooooooo this is all me tho. Beyonce nor anyone from her camp has come out to say the meaning of the name but I'm sure we'll know soon enuff.

Rihanna, Russell Simmons, Gwyneth Paltrow, Solange and P Diddy are among the celebs who tweeted bout the baby dats how I knew.

Congrats once again to my family!!! I have a niece now..#beautiful

I'm mostly soooooo happy for Jay Z cos he's 42!!! And this is his first baby ever. So so happy for him. I'm sure his tummy can't stop doing flips...can't wait to see a pic of both bey n Jay. The baby's pic can wait for now, as long as she's doing great (can't lie wanna see her pic too soooo bad).


  1. this is jay-z's second child, not first...

  2. If u're not the first 'child' nor the baby mama, then u are saying nothing. Thanks for checkin my blog :)