Sunday, January 15

New week same shit.

Fuck the government. Our president is very strong headed, if not I don't understand why he can't give in to what the people are asking, I mean at least do it for the good of your country. You are running a country dawg not a tv show!! I'm hearing that the American govt is asking all Americans in nigeria to return to america if the strike persists. Like really men what the hell are you doing?

All we are saying is you should not have shocked us with such a move on New Years day. Plan your shit well den present it to us and den we all agree before u implement it proper! We are not saying anything stupid tho. Like really who does dis?? My own year financially is not even starting on the best foot, so I am personally feeling this hike in the price of fuel very much. I mean how can I fill my tank with almost 9k instead of the regular 3,500?? am I supposed to steal d money at some point? Cos I don't understand. Den imagine mama sekina who sells pepper in d Market. How is she supposed to take bus (new increased price) to the Market everyday and still giv her kids money to skool (which by d way will increase) and Then still pay skool fees at some point. Or a random cleaner or dispatch rider at some office. It's so so unfair. And jAnuary is usually d broke month for everyone. Dude (GEJ) you need to check your head.

I still strongly bliv that this man is being threatened, if not how can all these facts be presented to you and u still maintain ur stance?? I do not, understand.

Oh well, let's see how it goes sha. I protested twice last week and I look forward to it again until this wonderfully ridiculous man decides to listen to us.

I rest my case.


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