Monday, January 9

Pray for my country NIGERIA

I commend the leaders of the youth protesters and all associations who are joining us to fight against our current country leaders and what they are trying to do to us. In all honesty I am not a political person per-say, but I have had someone explain the whole subsidy thing to me.

So apparently, if they fix the refineries and THEN remove the subsidy, fuel will not even go back to 65 naira, but even as low as 20naira, whereas if they remove the subsidy, private oil companies will start importing fuel into Nigeria and then fix prices at their own discretion right? Government will completely have their hands washed off.

What type of leader does something like this to his people?? Is this a democracy or a dictatorship?? It's scary. Very scary.

My fear is that the masses will be the ones to suffer this strike eventually, which is why I think the protests / strikes should be very heavy. Yes it should be PEACEFUL, but it's should have a great impact. Not just protesting on streets but protesting to ASO ROCK and all these leaders' homes n offices, because if that isn't done, we probably won't have good results.

I am very proud of us all for standing up to our government this heavy to the extent that we are even shaking them enuff to bring out buses remaining from campaigns and claiming that they bot it for us. I dunno what 36 states want to do with 1,100 buses which will not even be for free. U are asking us to accept to pay 141 naira per litre. Are u kidding me??? Why must u be so wicked??

I pray the end results of all this will favour the people and not the leaders. This is the height of suffering. Increasing the price of fuel for more than 100% is a crime.

Forgive me if I am not making sense, this is my understanding.

God help NIGERIA. AMEN!!

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  1. Erm whomever explained that to you is an ignoramus.

    If every refinery in Nigeria is fixed, then the amount of refineries doubled, cost of fuel will still be over n150 per litter, because cost of production is fixed, so is cost of a barrel of oil.

    A barrel of crude oil, which yields half a barrel of petrol goes for $100. Just do the math.

    This is before it is transported, refined, distributed.