Tuesday, January 17

Occupy Nigeria Falomo Ikoyi Protests

Its over and done now. Sad that it ended so abruptly under a few minutes. NLC broke all our hearts for $20m i heard. So so sad. They knew they would do this all along. I actually had faith in them i swear. Some friends kept saying 'wo Tunrayo, its just a matter of time'. To be honest, i thought the same thing in the beginning, but after a WHOLE week, my confidence in those thieves doubled. Little did i know :(
I still hope something will happen sha. I deeply hope, because at N97, its not gonna work for me. And I'm damn sure my boss isn't increasing shit. GEJ chei. u're such a meanie.

Here are the pictures i took on my 2 - day protest in falomo ikoyi (Thursday 12th and Friday 13th). i trekked with them to both NTA and Deputy Governors house. It felt good.

Me and Akin

Me n Fay

Fay the activist lol

Deputy Governor's house
Me n Chi


Falomo Bridge

Me n a random guy with his placard

Me Bookie n Fay


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