Wednesday, January 18

One Lovely Blog Award

Awww, and I'm always complaining that pple don't post comments yet one sweet lady (Amanda Martins) made a comment on one of my posts last year October.

She mentioned me as one of the blogs she's passing the award to. i am so honored, that not only are pple reading this blog (secretly), but i got to the level of being awarded out of 15 blogs she was asked to mention. i am happy about this.

So there are some questions she answered which I'm supposed to do the same about myself so here i go:

Link back to the person who gave you the award

Complete the form below

Tell seven random things about yourself

Nominate 15 bloggers


Name your favorite color
Purple & Dark Brown.

Name your favorite song
Hian! they are too plenty. I'll name a few:
Heart of the City - Jay z
You Da One - Rihanna
Yes - Beyonce
Itty Bitty - Nicki Minaj
Oluwa Lo Ni- Wizkid
Fireflies - Owl City
Gunz n Roses - Lenny Kravitz n Jay z
ok ok ok ok this list is going to be very long. Manage the ones i have listed n lets move on.

Name your favorite dessert
Brownies, Butter Pecan flavored Ice- Cream

What pisses you off?
When I'm trying to be on my own and pple try to invade my space. i hate dat shit. Other annoying stuff just amuse me instead of piss me off lol. But yea i love my space.

When you are upset you
want to just say everything on my mind and expect the asshole dat upset me to say something sensible in return if not ooooh boy, i just boil and go away.

Your favorite pet
I love puppies.

Black or white?

Black oo!

Your biggest fear

Being vulnerable

Everyday attitude
Lets see how it goes. except if I'm excited about something, then I'm just gleaming

Your best feature
My lips, my opon (lol), my awesome figure 8 ;;)

What is perfection?
Real mutual love.

Guilty pleasure
Hian! sorry i cant say the truth so lemme sharap.

7 Random things about myself:
•I have dry skin
•i have this weird crab dance that i do. only close pple will ever see this
•I loveeee archie comics
•I love well spoken hausa men...damn
•I speak french well
• i get cranky alot and my crankiness is on another level. i apologize right after tho.
•I enjoy being alone alot (most pple don't bliv this cos i have tons of frnds)
(I'm adding one more) i am a shy person but i use gra gra to cover it up and it works all d time :D

15 Blogs I am passing this award on to (not sure i have up to 15 men):
Me, u and life
Mahogany Cherrelle
Linda Ikeji
Diary of an Unpaid Intern
Black Girls Are Easy
The 4acesdate
Missy Tee
Mayne Whitman

I should think that's all o. Those are blogs i visit often. Awesome blogs by the way, just google dem if u're interested since i didn't put up links. pele.


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