Wednesday, January 25

Rihanna is going mad! lol

This babe is truly going mad. She is only 23 (24 next month) and she living life as if she's never gonna get old. I mean i love it in a way cos its like 'fuck the world, imma do what makes only ME happy', but then on the other hand, its like ummm, u will grow older someday, u will become a mom, grandma etc. See the new thing she has on her knuckels (dats a tattoo right??) its says 'thug life'. this babe will not kill me lol.
 She's just been outta control, but thank GOD she's not on drugs. thats the only thing seperating her from Lindsay Lohan / going mad. Surprisingly tho, she isnt promiscuous or anything. she's just having young genuine fun jo. i like it. i like her.

Do you boo!!

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