Sunday, February 19

God bless you and yours

Happy Sunday, God bless you and yours.

This is not due to lack of nothing to write (lol) in fact I am actually awake at this time because I blocked someone's car with mine and they woke me up just a few mins ago to come and move. They were going to church and had been knocking since 6am. My brother was trying to qacify them and I went outside and showed some woman skills (argued) instead of me to just apologise and go. I feel bad now sha. I pray they don't remb me wen the pastor asks them to rebuke their enemies AMEN!! *whew*

So God bless you all, and as we're starting this new week may your hear desires continue to be heard by the good lord and may he continue to answer them.

Love you.



  1. AAwwww Tunmama. Try and apologise when they comeback from church. lol.
    Same to you girl- God bless u

  2. Thank you sweetie. That's what I'm gonna do. Just checked tho they're not back :(

  3. ha weke ge go and apologise pls.